The Cuckold's Chronicle; being Select Trials for Adultery, Incest, Imbecillity, Ravishment, &c. - H. Lemoin (editor) 1793 - printed for H. Lemoin, London - First Edition Extremely scarce two volumes (lacking plates and the title page to volume I). Over 800 pages representing ‘one of the finest examples of sensationalistic writing of the time period’ (Bearden-White).

The pinnacle of publications to satisfy the late 1700’s fascination with divorce cases - contemporary pornography. Containing a large number of trials, fascinating, and in many cases bizarre, some '
never before published', such as 'The celebrated Case and Trial of the Marquis de Gesvres, upon the complaint of his Lady, Mademoiselle de Mascranny, who, after three years Marriage, commenced a Suit against him, at Paris, for Imbecility and Impotency'; and 'The Case of John Bury, Esq. of the County of Devon, who was divorced for want of his Testicles’.

‘The 18th-century fashion for arranged marriages to secure finances and improve social and political influence, with little thought given to the personal feelings of those concerned, led to a great number of extra-marital affairs by both men and women. The reports of consequent divorce cases aroused great interest across all classes, with the trial reports becoming more sexually explicit towards the end of the century. The apogee of the development of [the criminal conversation] genre toward pornography was reached with the publication in 1793 of
The Cuckold’s Chronicle’ (Wagner).
  Other cases include: 'The Trial of Samuel Hawker, Esq. for Seducing and Debauching the Wife of Hooker Barttelot, Esq. Before Lord Kenyon, at Westminster Hall, June 26, 1790; 'The Trial of Job Wells, for a Rape on the Body of his own Daughter. At the Assizes held at Hertford, in August, 1753'; 'The Trial of Mrs. Piper, for Adultery with Joseph Alamaze, a Black Servant. In the Bishop of London's Court, Doctor's Commons, 1780'; 'The Trial of John Curtis, a Publican, in Bishopsgate-street, London, for a Rape upon Sarah Tipple, Spinster, during the Old Bailey Sessions, in February 1793'.

Reference: Bearden-White,
History of Henry and Ann Lemoine, 28.Wagner, Pornographer in the Courtroom, 131.

Octavo, two volumes (binding size 21.1x13.5cm), pp. iii-v [1] [4 (Contents)] 7-176, 173-442, 2 (publisher’s ads); [1 (title)] [1] [4 (contents)] 2-452. Bound without title page to volume I, and without plates in both volumes.
  In contemporary binding of black quarter calf over marbled boards.   Condition: Very good. Missing several plates, adverts in volume I, and titles to volume II. Some browning, and small tears. All said, this is still a rare set in presentable condition.   Ref: 102243   Price: HK$ 16,000