Association Football & The Men Who Made It - Alfred Gibson, William Pickford 1906 - The Caxton Publishing Company, London - First Edition A lovely clean four volume set of this significant and unrivalled work, detailing the history of the game, the clubs and early players. Magnificently illustrated throughout, with sepia and monochrome photographs of players, teams and matches. Becoming scarce in first edition and decent condition.

‘The holy grail for any serious collector of football literature, this work is unrivalled in affording the contemporary reader a detailed understanding of the teams, players and administrators who dominated the game in the nineteenth century. Set across four volumes, the figures profiled inside are almost universally forgotten to modern football fans and yet the calibre of the writing within makes them come alive. Even though the game they played was markedly different to that of the current day, the vitality and energy of the era is clear.’ - Ademir to Zizinho,
The 20 Greatest Football Books.

‘The authors, Alfred Gibson who worked for
The Football Star, and William Pickford who worked for the Athletic News, were two football insiders who celebrated the game which others had labelled a mania but they recognised as one of the wonders of modern times. The book was dedicated ‘to all who loved the game’ and was intended as ‘a monument for the men who have made it’. It was a celebration of all football, the recreational as well as the spectacular, amateurs and professionals, those who looked on and those who played’. - Oxford DNB.
  ‘Although a number of other ‘minor’ publications on the game appeared during the latter years of the 19th century, it was not until 1906 that any volume of significance was published with the four-volumed Association Football and the Men Who Made It (Gibson & Pickford, 1906). This publication not only detailed the history of the game to date but also offered biographies of players and administrators that have proved of invaluable use to historians of the game.’ - Kelly, An Oral History of Footballing Communities.

Volume 1. History of the game. How to keep goal. The forward game. Giants of the game. Phases of football.
Volume 2. The origin and future of the football league. Impressions of wing play. The duties of a full back. Half-back play. Football journals. Giants of the game. A history of midland football. Football in Sheffield. Football in Lancashire. Phases of football.
Volume 3. The Referee, Past, Prseent, and Future. London Football. The Art of Goalkeeping. North-Country Clubs. Football in Manchester. Football in Bury. Football Association Council.
Volume 4. The game in Scotland. Queen's park. Duties of a centre forward. England v. Scotland: some famous games. Giants of the game. The association cup: a record of the great classic contest. South of England clubs. Football in Ireland. International football. Famous forward lines. Defence in football. The game in Wales. How to run a football team. The laws of the game with explanatory comments. Index.

pp. viii 224; viii 215 [1]; viii 216; viii 200.
  Condition: Internally near fine, usual toning to endpapers, but no foxing, in very good cloth covers, some light rubbing to panels, spines a little faded.   Ref: 108764   Price: HK$ 5,500