The Whole Art and Trade of Husbandry, contained In foure Bookes. viz: I. Of Earable-ground, Tillage, and Pasture. II. Of Gardens, Orchards, and Woods. III. Of Feeding, Breeding, and Curing of all manner of Cattell. IIII. Of Poultrie, Fowle, Fish, and Bees. Enlarged by Barnaby Googe, Esquire. - Conrad [Konrad] Heresbach, Barnaby Googe 1614 - Printed by T.S. for Richard More, London An early 400 year old English translation of this important and popular agricultural treatise, with noted sections on wine.

Finely bound, and illustrated with six woodcut decorations to head of page and six decorated letters.

‘Homer giveth the chiefest prayse to the Wine of Maronia, and Pramnium. Virgill most commendeth Rhentish wine: others the wine of Aminia, Lamentana, Candy, and Corsega, but I meane to speake of those that are commonly in our dayes. In Italy this day they make most account of wine of Corsega, Romani, and Meysina. In Spaine the best esteeme the wine of S. Martine, of Ribodari, and Giberalter. In France the greatest praise is given to the wine of Orleans, Aniuo, and Greues: Germanie began but of late to meddle with planting of Vines, for Varro writeth, that the Frenchmen and the Germanes had in his time both Wines and Dliues: but at this day the Rhine, the Necker, the Mene, Mosel, and Danaw, may compare with any Countries, for goodneise of their wines.’ (Leaf 75).

Written by the German Konrad Heresbach (1496-1576) and first published in 1570, André Simon mentions that the popularity of this work in England was due to ‘an excellent English translation, with a number of interesting commentaries, by one named Barnaby Googe’. For wine see leaf 74 onwards under ‘
of the ordering of Orchards’.
  Provenance: Contemporary owner’s names of Thomas Roberts, Tubalo Roberts, Gamust Roberts, and one more Thomas Roberts to title page, which appear to be in different hands, possibly generations of the Roberts Family? One has added a date of 1755.

Reference: Simon,
Bibliotheca Bacchica, 326-7 (Latin editions).

Small quarto (binding size 18x14cm), pp. [2] [1 (decorated title page)] [1] [2 (dedication page)] [3 (
The Epistle to the Reader)] [1] [12 (index)] [1 (list of references)] [1] [2] [366 (numbered as sheets 1-183)] [1 (publisher’s advertisement for ‘Old English Rules, for purchasing Land)] [2].
All collated and correct, including the mis-numbered sheet numbers 27 (for 37) 39 (38), 50 (48), 51 (49), 60 (61), 81 (88), and 174 (175). Edges trimmed with loss to some leaf numbers.

Six woodcut decorations to head of page and six decorated letters (on dedication page, preface, and sheet numbers 1, 46, 106, 149).
  Recent three-quarter brown calf over marbled boards, spine lettered and ruled in gilt, new endpapers.   Condition: Near fine, edges trimmed with some loss to sheet numbers, in fine binding.   Ref: 109467   Price: HK$ 3,000