Carrington’s Cases - J. Storer Clouston 1920 - William Blackwood and Sons, London - First Edition ‘I don’t believe there is any business in the world in which a man gets more puzzlers as to what is his duty, than in mine.’ said Carrington. ‘In the kind of private work I do, I’m constantly up against the nastiest snags, but one generally has to toughen one’s hide and go ahead anyway.’

Presented with a charmingly illustrated front cover, this Queen's Quorum thriller features the adventures of the wonderful F.T. Carrington, the monocled young private detective ‘with a round, ingenuous, very agreeable face... a little neatly trimmed moustache’ – the inquiry agent, as he preferred to call himself. He tackles crimes and mysteries such as misplaced spouses, haunted houses, and medical misnomers, all done with Clouston’s trademark talent for absorbing plot, balanced with his deft hand for humour.

‘One of the most sought-after collections of detective short stories’ – Eric Quayle,
Detective Fiction.
  One of Carrington’s cases, The Truthful Lady, is about Dr. Watson with Sherlock Holmes present but invisible.

Joseph Storer Clouston (1870-1944), English author Clouston graduated from Oxford with a degree in law. While he never practised, he called upon his studies to lend depth and credibility to his settings and characters. His books enjoyed many successful adaptations in radio, television, and most notably ‘
The Spy in Black’, an award winning motion picture released in 1939 by Columbia studios.

Reference: Ellery Queen,
Queen’s Quorum, 65. Eric Quayle, Detective Fiction, 105. Not in Symons, Haycraft, Herbert.

Octavo (18.5 x 13 cm). pp. [8] 280. In publisher’s red cloth, spine lettered in black, front board illustrated in black and priced ‘5/- net’.
  Condition: Very good copy, some rubbing to edges , and minor sunning to spine.   Ref: 108930   Price: HK$ 2,000