The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life - Charles Darwin 1891 - John Murray, London - Sixth Edition, with Additions and Corrections (41st Thousand). ‘It is now fully recognized that the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species brought about a revolution in man’s attitude toward life and his own place in the universe. This work is rightly regarded as one of the most important books ever published, and a knowledge of it should be part of the intellectual equipment of every educated person. The book remains surprisingly modern in its assertions and is also remarkably accessible to the layman, much more so than recent treatises necessarily encumbered with technical language and professional jargon’. - Harvard University Press.

A near fine example of the sixth and last significant edition to which Darwin made his final and extensive revisions, this was also the first edition in which he used the word evolution which had commonly been associated with embryological development (though all editions concluded with the word evolved), Darwin also added a new chapter -
Miscellaneous Objections, to address George Jackson Mivart’s detailed arguments against natural selection.

Origin of Species Darwin ‘not only drew an entirely new picture of the workings of organic nature; he revolutionized our methods of thinking and our outlook on the natural order of things. The recognition that constant change is the order of the universe had been finally established and a vast step forward in the uniformity of nature had been taken.’ – Printing and the Mind of Man.
  Provenance: Edward Gordon Peirce (1873-), Jesus College, Cambridge, inscription dated October 20th 1893. Peirce later became Mayor of Tiverton in Devon, England (1948).

Printing and the Mind of Man 344b. Freeman, 438. Alumni Cantabrigienses, 1752-1900 V5.

Octavo (book size 19.7x13.5cm), pp. [2] xxi [1] 432 [1 (publisher’s ads)] [1]. In publisher’s green embossed cloth, spine lettered and decorated in gilt, patterned endpapers. First four leaves unopened and uncut, page 107 poorly opened. Folding plate opposite page 85.
  Condition: Near fine, light rubbing to corners and spine, light foxing to toned endpapers, slightly over-opened before ads at rear, first few sheets uncut and unopened, page 106-7 roughly cut.   Ref: 109824   Price: HK$ 7,000