The China Magazine, a Weekly Miscellany, illustrated with Photographs, conducted by C. Langdon Davies. Complete set of four volumes. - C. Langdon Davies (editor), John Thomson (photographer) 1868-1870 - Printed for the proprietor by Noronha & Sons, Hong Kong - First Editions A rare set of this short-lived and ‘pioneering effort in photo-journalism’. Containing the complete four volumes of text, together with eleven of the original pasted-in photographs, seven of which are accredited to Thomson.

China Magazine, edited by C. Langdon Davies, contained photographs by John Thomson, Henry Cammidge, Milton Miller and others. It was undoubtedly the inspiration behind John Reddie Black's better known Far East, which ran from 1870 until 1878. Apart from containing a number of photographs unpublished elsewhere, the China Magazine contains interesting feature articles which throw light on life in mid nineteenth-century China, Hong Kong in particular.

The first issue of the
China Magazine was published on 7th March 1868. It initially appeared weekly and then monthly until it reached it’s fourth and final volume in 1870. It was illustrated with original pasted-in photographs and it may have been the first publication of any kind in the Far East to do this.’ - Terry Bennett, History of Photography in China.

Bennett states that surviving volumes of the China Magazine are extremely rare, interestingly noting that the China Review was offering sets of the four volumes ‘without photographs’ and missing some pages of text in July 1872. It is possible that this is an example of such a set, being complete in text, and containing 11 of the original photographs.

Bennett also suggests that the January and February 1870 magazines are probably the final issues, the February issue ends on page 80, however there are a further 66 pages contained here, indicating there were either a further two magazines or the pages had already been set and printed so included in the consolidated fourth volume but the magazine itself was no longer being issued.
  The four volumes are - Midsummer (1868); Christmas (1868); Midsummer (1869); Christmas (1869); Volume IV of 1870 ends on page 146 with Chapter 5 of the ‘Fourth Book’ of ‘The Three Brothers’. The only other complete set we have had access to also ends on page 146.

References: Terry Bennett,
History of Photography in China: Western Photographers 1861-1879 (2010), 303-308.

pp. [1] [1 (title)][1] iii-viii [1 (preface)] [1] 208; [1 (title)] [1] 189 [1] [1 (index)] [1] iv (index)] 188; 146.
  Four volumes bound in one contemporary biding of half green diced calf over green treated canvas, marbled endpapers.   Condition: Very good to near fine, some toning to title pages, and one or two finger marks, final page with some soiling and small holes, in very good binding, wear to corners and spine ends, some staining to green cloth.   Ref: 109661   Price: HK$ 70,000