The Artistry of Mixing Drinks by Frank Meier of The Ritz Bar, Paris - Frank Meier 1936 - Printed by Bishop & Sons, Paris - First Edition, one of 700 copies on Cream Vellum paper One of the most elegant cocktail books of the art-deco era, in unique leather and tartan binding with matching bespoke slipcase.

Text and decorations in black and red, illustrated throughout with enchanting art-deco vignettes. Containing nearly 500 drink recipes, including over 40 marked FM
originated by the Author.

Beginning with
Ode to The Ritz Bar (5), Foreword (7-8), Introduction (9-12), How to Enjoy Cocktails at Home (13-16), Various Specialities and Their Origin (17-19).

And on to the main section: -
Cocktails (21-44), Mixed Drinks (After Dinner Drinks, Collins, Coolers, Crustas, Cups, Daisies, Egg Nog, Fixes, Fizzes, Flips, Highballs, Hot Drinks, Juleps, Lemonades, Miscellaneous Drinks, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Puffs, Punches, Rickeys, Sangarees, Scaffas, Shrubs, Slings, Smashes, Sours, Toddies, and Zooms, 45-94).

This main section is followed by the supporting essentials:-
Sandwiches (95-102), Wines (103-122), Useful Formulas (including Poisons and their Antidotes, Differences in Time (compared to noon in Paris obviously), Help in Case of Accidents, and Pick-Me-Ups, 123-144), Horse Racing (145-149), advertisements (many beautifully illustrated, 151-175), and the Index with blank pages for ‘Additions’.
  ‘Meier was the inventor of some of the most famous classic cocktails of the 1930’s and served up his unusual concoctions from 1921 until his death in 1947 to the likes of Roosevelt, Noel Coward, Hemingway, a million-and-one aristocrats, and famous lyricist Cole Porter. He was also active in the resistance during WWII. The informal post office run from behind Frank’s bar was known to both French and German intelligence operatives during the occupation’ – Sandy Hibbard (Creative).

Published on October 1st, 1936, and consists of 26 COPIES A-Z specially printed for the Author together with THREE HUNDRED COPIES copies on hand-made paper, numbered from 1 to 123 and CXXIV to CCC, and SEVEN HUNDRED COPIES on Cream Vellum paper numbered from 301 to 1000.

Amongst the copies we have researched, of the 700 on Cream Vellum paper, some appear without number and others actually have printed text ‘This Copy is No.’ followed by a hand stamped number.

‘Frank Meier's
The Artistry of Mixing Drinks is the work of a Master Mixologist, a bartender that doesn't have a job but a passion. This book talks about cocktails, wines, horse racing and how to live. The reader is not just getting recipes; he is offered, through this reference book, the opportunity to do some very enhancing detective work and use this book to cross examine a variety of not so well homeworked pieces of bartending literature. In this case, a little homework will be fun.’ – Colin Peter Field, from the introduction to the 2009 edition.

Small octavo (binding size 19.8x15.3cm), pp. [6] [2 (original front wrappers)] [6] 182 [4] [2 (original rear wrappers)] [4].
  Finely bound in three quarter dark green morocco with tartan cloth strip to front and rear, spine lettered in gilt, top edge gilt others untrimmed, heavy red coated endpapers, publishers original wrappers bound in at front and rear.   Condition: Near fine, faint foxing to a few pages, in very good binding, spine with one or two scratches, and some cracking along outer hinges.   Ref: 109833   Price: HK$ 10,000