The Invisible President A Fu Manchu Series, Complete in Twelve Parts in Collier's Magazine - Sax Rohmer (pseudonym of Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward) February 29 - Crowell Publishing Company, Springfield - First Editions Dr. Fu Manchu finds the time ripe to reach out for America - beginning the most startling of all the master-criminal's singular adventures.

A scarce near fine set of twelve issues containing the complete Fu Manchu Series
The Invisible President, illustrated by C.C. Beall, and later published in book form as President Fu Manchu

In magnificent condition, as if they had just been placed on the doorstep of Mr. Chas Skinner of Watkins Glen, New York (the original recipient). Illustrations, stories, articles, cartoons, and advertisements, all wonderfully evoking a bygone era.

‘President’ Fu Manchu! Does the extent of his fiendish ambition know no bounds?
  Collier's Weekly published many stories by Sax Rohmer. ‘From 1913 it developed a special relationship with Sax Rohmer and particularly with the stories of his villain Fu Manchu. The first series began with The Zayat Kiss (15 February 1913). Rohmer appeared in 208 issues of Collier's with either a story or serial episode until his last appearance in the issue for 19 March 1949.’

‘Rohmer seemed to satisfy Collier's readers' demands for the exotic, although there were occasional stories by James Francis Dwyer, Harold Lamb and even Lord Dunsany.’

February 29 - The Invisible President, Part I. Assault upon America – by Dr. Fu Manchu.
March 7 - The Invisible President, Part II. Insidiouser and insidiouser.
March 14 - The Invisible President, Part III. Behind the political scene.
March 21 - The Invisible President, Part IV. The invincible plane.
March 28 - The Invisible President, Part V. Sinister shadows.
April 4 - The Invisible President, Part VI. Subtle poison.
April 11 - The Invisible President, Part VII. How are you standing the strain?
April 18 - The Invisible President, Part VIII. Infinite subtlety collides with unbounded courage.
April 25 - The Invisible President, Part IX. Mark Hepburn succumbs.
May 3 - The Invisible President, Part X. Face to face with Fu Manchu.
May 9 - The Invisible President, Part XI. The genius of Fu Manchu.
May 16 - The Invisible President (Conclusion). America Saved – for the time being.

Reference: Bleiler,
Checklist of Fantastic Literature. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.
-- Twelve magazines (magazine size 34.5 x 27.5 cm) pp. 68; 68; 88; 76; 88; 68; 108; 92; 88; 76; 112; 84. Pagination includes covers.
  Condition: Near fine to fine, one or two small marks, generally bright and sharp, all but one with the original subscribers mailing address on front panel, May 16 issue with 5mm hole to lower edge of front panel, February 29 issue with small stain mark and light spotting to front panel.   Ref: 103974   Price: HK$ 9,800