The Diary of His Excellency Ching-Shan being a Chinese account of the Boxer Troubles. Ex Actorum Orientalium volumine III excerptum. - J. J. L. Duyvendak, Sir Edmund Backhouse 1924 - E. J. Brill, Leiden - First Edition A rare, uncut and unopened first edition of the first full translation of the amazing Ching-Shan diaries, Sir Edmund Backhouse’s forged papers, which have baffled, amused and infuriated scholars and historians for over a century. Duyvendak was the first academic to attempt this, following a meeting with Lionel Giles in the British Museum, where he was shown and later allowed to photocopy the full ‘diary’ documents, of which only excerpts had previously been published in Backhouse and Bland’s best-seller ‘China Under The Empress Dowager’ published in 1910.

The papers in the British Library had been placed their by J. O. P. Bland, who also gave his permission for Duyvendak to copy and translate them.
  LMRB Note - Ching-shan is listed in the List of Higher Metropolitan an Provincial Authorities of China (1889 edition, ‘Corrected to December 31st, 1888’) as ‘Manchu Metropolitan Graduate of the year 1863. Vice-President Board of Works July 1883. Director Board of Revenue June 1884. Director Board of Civil Office February 1887.

Octavo (24 x 16.9 cm) pp. viii 85 [1] [48 Chinese text]. In publisher’s beige paper wrappers, lettered in black to the front cover and to paper spine label. Uncut and unopened.
  Condition: Near fine, uncut and unopened, in very good wrappers, with some toning to the edges and spine, and several small spots and marks.   Ref: 108615   Price: HK$ 3,500