The Penang Pirate - John C. Hutcheson, Archibald Webb (illustrator) 1907 Circa - Blackie and Son Limited, London Glasgow and Bombay A collection featuring two nautical adventure stories : The Penang Pirate, describes how the Captain of the "Hankow Lin", suspecting that there might be a piratical attack on his vessel on her return voyage from Canton to Australia, lays plans to spoil the pirates' plans. In The Lost Pinnace HMS London is cruising the East Coast of Africa in search of any slaver dhows. One of these is met with and destroyed, then a midshipman with knowledge of the local language overhears that there is a second slaver not far away, so the London warship sets off in search of further conquest.

Complete with four full page black and white illustrations by Archibald Webb.
  John Conroy Hutcheson, British author of novels and short stories (1840-97).

Octavo (book size 18.5x13cm), pp. 174 [2]. In publisher’s dark green cloth, spine and front board lettered and decorated in yellow and light green.
  Condition: Near fine, slight rubbing to cloth.   Ref: 109940   Price: HK$ 1,000