Ti-Ping Tien-Kwoh. The History of the Ti-Ping Revolution including A Narrative of the Author's Personal Adventures - Augustus Frederick Lindley [Lin-Le] 1866 - Day & Son (Limited), London - First Edition A passionate and important account of the momentous Taiping Rebellion of 1850–64, which spread across southern China, involving the death of around 20 million people. Two volumes in original publisher’s cloth, profusely illustrated throughout with eight coloured lithographs, eleven tinted lithographs (including the folding frontispiece), nine in-text wood engravings, and two folding maps of China outlined in colour.

In 1860 a twenty year old English naval officer and supporter of the rebels, Augustus Frederick Lindley (1840–73), and his young wife Marie, daughter of the Portuguese Consul at Macau, accepted a commission from Taiping general Li Xiucheng, and helped train their soldiers in British Army techniques, while Marie became a sniper, both actively fighting for, and believing devotedly in their cause.

Led by Christian convert Hong Xiuquan, they rose up against the ruling Qing dynasty in an attempt to force social, commercial and religious reforms. Lindley engaged in the dramatic capture of one of Britain's best Yangzi gunships, the Firefly, which was handed to the Taiping leaders, but the rebels were eventually brutally crushed with the aid of British and French forces. Prior to his death at the age of only thirty-three, Lindley produced this accomplished work of historical exposition and anti-imperialism. (C.U.P.)

  Volume 2 focuses particularly on the actions and character of General Charles Gordon, whose forces were responsible for many atrocities, but who enjoyed great popularity in Britain. It also details the effects of the British government's Chinese policy.

Reference: Cambridge University Press.

Two small quarto volumes (book size 26.8x18cm), pp. xvii [1] [1 (list of illustrations)] [1] 424; vii [1 (list of illustrations)] 425-842 [2]. In publisher’s burgundy cloth, spines lettered gilt, gilt illustrations to spines and front boards, pale yellow coated endpapers.
  Condition: Very good, internally near fine, re-cased retaining gilt illustrated cloth spines and covers, cloth with rubbing to folds, inner hinges neatly repaired, some abrasion to front pastedowns.   Ref: 109667   Price: HK$ 18,000