Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill - The Collected Works - The Collected Essays. - Winston Churchill 1973-1976 - Library of Imperial History, London - Centenary Limited Edition of 3000 Thirty eight fine volumes of the definitive and only collected works of one of the century's most important figures. Housed in a rare custom made "Library of Imperial History" display case. Of the planned 3,000 sets, only about 1,700 sets where produced, of which this is number 323.

Including the supplementary ‘
Collected Essays of Sir Winston Churchill’ in four matching volumes, the only collection of Churchill's periodical articles in volume form, containing all the articles the publishers could find that were not picked up in Churchill's books.
  In 1973 on the eve of the Churchill Centenary, the Churchill family announced the publication of the first collected edition of Sir Winston's books, edited by Frederick Woods, published by the Library of Imperial History in London, limited to an edition of 'no more than 3,000 copies,'

The Works were promoted with a set of impressive testimonials. Lady Churchill, who wrote the Foreword to Volume 1, said the books would have given Sir Winston, 'enormous pleasure.' She presented the first set to Prime Minister Edward Heath, who called it 'a great venture which will at once mark the centenary of his birth and preserve the memory of his life and his writing for future generations' [...] and Prime Minister Norman Kirk of New Zealand said that free men everywhere would 'cherish these wonderful volumes'"

Aesthetically, the set is magnificent: hand bound in natural calfskin vellum with the titling in 22 ct. gold, gilt-edged with each book in a deep green slipcase stamped with the Churchill Arms, printed on special 500-year archival paper with marbled endpapers. The specifications are impressive: five million words in 19,000 pages, weighing 90 pounds, and totalling 42 feet when placed side by side. To achieve publication, eleven publishing houses in Great Britain, the United States and Canada agreed to release their individual copyrights for 3000 sets only, and that no other complete edition of Churchill's works would be published until the expiration of international copyright in 2019.

The set consists of:
My Early Life; The Story of the Malakand Field Force; The River War (abridged); The Boer War; Savrola, A Political Romance; Lord Randolph Churchill; Mr. Brodrick's Army and Other Early Speeches; The World Crisis (5 vols); Thoughts and Adventures; Marlborough, His Life and Times (2 vols); Great Contemporaries; Arms and the Covenant; Step By Step; War Speeches (3 vols); The Second World War (6 vols); Post-War Speeches (3 vols); A History of the English Speaking Peoples (4 vols); Collected Essays of Sir Winston Churchill (4 vols).

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  Bound in natural calfskin vellum, titling and Churchill coat of arms in 22 ct. gold, all edges gilt, each book housed in a deep green custom made slipcase stamped with the Churchill Arms, printed on special 500-year archival paper with marbled endpapers.   Condition: A fine set, slight discolouration to the vellum a result of the various skins used over the four year production, slipcases all fine apart from two which have a little rubbing, the bookshelf itself is fine, brass plaque nicely burnished.   Ref: 103375   Price: HK$ 100,000