The Works of Joseph Conrad. - Joseph Conrad 1923 - J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd., London - The Uniform Edition Joseph Conrad is the novelist of man in extreme situations. This set of his complete works runs to 22 volumes and includes: Almayer's Folly, Typhoon, Nostromo, Lord Jim, An Outcast of the Islands, The Secret Agent, Chance, Victory, The Rescue, The Inheritors, Romance, The Shadow Line, etc.   Jozef Teodor Conrad Korzeniowski [1857-1924], Polish, born in Russia and considered by many as one of the best 20th century novelists. Conrad spent over twenty years at sea, initially with the French merchant marine, joining the British Merchant Service after building up gambling debts that led to attempted suicide and financial bail-out by his uncle. Conrad travelled to the major ports of the world and places such as the Malay Archipelago, the Gulf of Siam and the Belgian Congo, that were the basis of many of his later novels.

'He's absolutely the most haunting thing in prose that ever was: I wish I knew how every paragraph he writes (...they are all paragraphs: he seldom writes a single sentence...) goes on sounding in waves, like the note of a tenor bell, after it stops. It's not built in the rhythm of ordinary prose, but on something existing only in his head, and as he can never say what it is he wants to say, all his things end in a kind of hunger, a suggestion of something he can't say or do or think.' - T.E. Lawrence.
  Handsomely bound in recent dark blue half morocco with gilt raised bands and gilt to spines; blue cloth boards; top edges gilt.   Condition: A very good set with a few pages still unopened, some volumes with light foxing to prelims. In fine bindings.   Ref: 103748   Price: HK$ 35,000