With Boat and Gun in the Yangtze Valley - Henling Thomas Wade 1910 - Shanghai Mercury Ltd., Shanghai - Second Edition Second and enlarged edition of this practical guide to shooting in the lower reaches of the Yangtze, intended primarily for the Shanghai expatriate community; ‘Even before Shanghai was opened by treaty, officers from the well-manned opium schooners lying at Woosung used to organise shooting parties...’. A comprehensive treatise, with over 40 articles contributed by various authors, including chapters on Chinese methods of game-hunting, hunting districts, house-boats and their owners, cookery, vocabulary, field medicine, how to break in dogs, and ‘What to do in case of Trouble with the Natives’.

Illustrated with five maps, two full page schematics of the author’s 80ft boat
The Thistle and a 50ft steel house boat, full page diagram of Snipes tail fathers for identification, five charming woodblock illustrations, and several other in-text diagrams.

A foreign sportsman is usually fully equipped with a fowling-piece with the latest improvements, the newest and best ammunition and a good dog...... the Chinaman takes the field clad in straw sandals and the poorest of clothes and uses a common, roughly made gingal [the large Chinese matchlock], inferior native powder, and shot of unequal sizes. If comparison be made of the results attained by the two shooters.... the palm must be given to the latter, who use their inferior matchlocks with singular dexterity and precision.’
  The maps include: Ningpo and the Surrounding Country; Railway from Chinkiang to Nanking; Nanking and Evirons; The Chientang and Clear Water Rivers; Map of the Great South Lake and Adjacent Shooting Districts.

‘A most excellent work for the student of hunting upland birds and waterfowl in old China... A fascinating record of sport in a little known region.’ - Kenneth P. Czech,
Asian Big Game Hunting Books.

Reference: Cordier,
Bibliotheca Sinica 126 (1895 Edition), 246, 3053 (maps). Czech, Asian Big Game Hunting Books, 219.

pp. [4] vi 284 [2]
  Condition: Near fine, a little light foxing to a small number of pages.   Ref: 106293   Price: HK$ 4,800