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Bowlker's Art of Angling - Charles Bowlker

1826 - Procter &, Ludlow / London - Ninth Edition
An enlarged edition of one of the best early instructional works on fly-fishing and making artificial flies, first published Circa 1747 by the author's father Richard. Illustrated with a hand-coloured copper-engraved frontispiece showing 30 flies and with wood block vignettes throughout the text.

Art of Angling was the standard textbook of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and ran to at least a dozen editions. A slim volume written in the didactic style that is typical of early fishing manuals.

Continuing the grand tradition of early fishing texts,
The Art ranges widely for such a compact volume and deals with almost every type of fishing - where fly fishing is concerned, there is a great deal on choice of tackle, but relatively little on tactics.

Much of Bowlker's advice has its roots in the seventeenth century and some of his patterns are derived from the
Treatyse on Fishing with an Angle, an important milestone in the literature.’ - Dr. Andrew Herd - A FlyFishing History. 
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