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Before the Fact, A Murder Story for Ladies - Francis Iles (pseud. Anthony Berkeley Cox)

1932 - Victor Gollancz Ltd, London - First Edition
As Colin Dexter (of Inspector Morse fame) points out, despite the fact that this is one of the earliest ‘inverted’ crime novels, shocking traditional Golden Age murder mystery fans by ‘unashamedly’ announcing the identity of the murderer on the first page, ‘readers were never going to be disappointed for more than a few pages – if that – since interest is immediately kindled in a wholly different kind of puzzle.’ ‘We are no longer in the mind of the detective as he grapples with evidence. Instead, we are far closer to the criminal action, we share the thoughts of the murder’s victim’.

A powerful psychological drama and the basis for the film "Suspicion" (1941) directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine.
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1931 - Mundanus Ltd. Victor Gollancz Publisher, London - First Edition
It was not until several weeks after he had decided to murder his wife that Dr. Bickleigh took any active steps in the matter. Murder is a serious business.’

Outstandingly original, a notable and influential example of the inverted detective story, subtly presented by Anthony Berkeley’s alter ego, Iles, Ingenious, subtle, unconventional and a favourite of Alfred Hitchcock.

An exceptional example of the first printing which was published in delicate wrappers using Gollancz’s ‘Mundanus’ imprint.
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Price HK$ 6,000