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1922 - North-China Daily News & Herald, Shanghai - First Edition
A scarce work, and even more so here in the original dust jacket.

As Sowerby puts it in his introduction, ‘
it is not surprising, then, that Miss Gretchen Mae Fitkin should have come to China, alone, unafraid, not knowing a soul in the East; established herself upon the staff of the leading newspaper in the country; and – gone exploring!’. ‘Her journey was made during the late summer of 1921, and that fact alone commands our respect, for conditions were such all that year, and especially during the summer, as to render travelling upon the Yangtze Kiang neither safe nor comfortable. Merchantmen and men-of-war belonging to foreign Powers were constantly being fired upon by the lawless soldiery engaged in the campaign of North against West, and at times things were so bad that all shipping was held up for weeks. But these facts did not daunt our young American Friend, and so we have a fresh account of one of the greatest wonders of this land of wonders.’

With 28 black and white photographs by Donald Mennie, and illustrations for the dust jacket and cloth covers by ‘Sapajou’.
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