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A Sketch of Chinese History, Ancient and Modern - Rev. Charles Gutzlaff

1834 - Smith, London - First Edition
Two finely bound volumes of Gützlaff’s work, complete with one large folding map and 10 folding tables.

Charles Gützlaff (1803-51), who has a street named after him in Hong Kong, ‘was ordained in 1826 and sent to the Dutch East Indies as an agent of the Netherlands Missionary Society. After a brief spell in Batavia with William Medhurst, he set out on 8 April 1827 to convert the Chinese settlers in the Riau archipelago. A year later he embarked on independent missionary work among the Chinese of Bangkok, Siam. Gützlaff next turned up on the China coast. As a result of his trip to Tientsin (Tianjin) in a Chinese junk in 1831, British traders began to make use of his extraordinary linguistic talents in their efforts to find new markets. Although he was later criticised for having associated with opium smugglers to propagate Christianity, Gützlaff regarded these trips as unique opportunities to preach and distribute Christian literature beyond the confines of Canton. Moreover, his
Journal of Three Voyages Along the Coast of China in 1831, 1832, 1833 generated considerable interest in China in Western political, commercial, and religious circles, as did his Sketch of Chinese History, Ancient and Modern and the more controversial China Opened.’ [Oxford DNB] 
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