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The Mildenhall Treasure - With an original Ralph Steadman ink cartoon - Roald Dahl, Ralph Steadman (Illustrator)

1999 - Jonathan Cape, London - First Edition
A fine copy with an original great big red ink cartoon drawing by Ralph Steadman of Gordon Butcher on the half title page, to which Steadman has added his signature signature, if there is such a thing...

This is the true story of Suffolk ploughman Gordon Butcher who, in 1942, uncovered the greatest treasure ever found in the British Isles. It was Roman silver of unparalleled beauty and value and, not appreciating what he had discovered, Butcher was savagely cheated out of the fortune that should have been his.

The 34 masterpieces, still the most valuable Roman objects in Britain, artistically and by weight of bullion, are now housed at the British Museum.
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Price HK$ 4,200

De Arte Bibendi, Arte Jocandi, Artis Amandi, Dansandi; Meretricum fides: aliaque faceta. - Vincentius (Vincent) Obsopoeus ( Heydnecker )

1648 - Typographia Rediviva, Leiden
Contemporarily bound example of this little Rake’s Vade Mecum, containing all a 17th century gentleman about town needed to know.

Beginning with Obsopoeus’ ‘Drinking without getting drunk’, and continuing with numerous important texts such as ‘Practising the Art of Love’, ‘The Art of Amusing Conversation’, ‘Faithful lovers of harlots’; ‘Elogy of a Drunkard’, ‘Rules of Dancing’, and an essay titled ‘Fornicators, gamblers and drunkards have the worst problems: Explained’.

‘This volume, rare and beautifully produced, from the presses of Abraham Commelin, whose mark is on the title page.’ -
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Price HK$ 10,800