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The Great Domesday Book - Surrey - William The Conqueror

1988 - Alecto Historical Editions, London - Set number 35 of a limited edition of 1, 000.
‘Domesday Book is England's first - and arguably most remarkable - public record. Although written more than nine centuries ago it is still legally admissible evidence on title to land. It is at once the foundation document of our national archival heritage, a matchless historical source and an icon linking England's past with her present and future.’ - Dr. Elizabeth Hallam, Public Record Office.

For anyone interested in where they live now or where they come from, Domesday reveals fascinating facts about customs, value and ownership of their village, town and county more than 900 years ago. It is the beginning of all local history.

In 1984 the Public Record Office at Kew took the historic decision to unbind the original Domesday manuscripts and invited Alecto Historical Editions to undertake the publication of the first and only ‘brilliant forgery’ or ‘indecently exact facsimile’, to quote Professor Geoffrey Martin, the then Keeper of Public Records and custodian of the original Domesday. Due to the fragility of the original, it is unlikely that this will be done again.

Three large folio volumes housed in their original slipcase, together with the prospectus, correspondence and limited edition certificate.
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