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On Liberty - John Stuart Mill

1864 - Longman, London - Third edition
‘Genius can only breathe freely in an atmosphere of freedom’.

A smartly bound early printing of this powerful essay by British philosopher and economist John Stuart Mill (1806-73), first published in 1859.

On Liberty remains a major influence upon liberal political thought today, Mill defines liberty as an absolute individual right, and defends freedom of speech as a necessary condition of social and intellectual progress. 
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Principles of Political Economy - John Stuart Mill

1848 - John W. Parker, London - First Edition
The brilliant John Stuart Mill's major work, a treatise that marked the culmination of classical economics, and was considered ‘the undisputed bible of economic doctrine’. One of the most widely read of all books on economics in the nineteenth century. As Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations had during an earlier period, Mill's text dominated economics teaching; In the case of Oxford University it was the standard text until 1919, when replaced by Alfred Marshall's theories.

‘To many generations of students, Mill’s
Principles was the undisputed bible of economic doctrine. They represented the final synthesis of classical theory and of refinements introduced by post-Ricardian writers. They were comprehensive, systematic, and, with few exceptions, they presented their theorems without pugnacity which strengthened the impression of assurance and unquestioned authority’ – Roll, History of Economic Thought. 
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Every Man His Own Broker; or, A Guide to the Stock-Exchange - Thomas Mortimer

1801 - W. J. and J. Richardson, London - Thirteenth Edition, Considerably Improved.
‘One of the most knowledgeable and persistent critics of brokers’ trade in securities was Thomas Mortimer, his detailed advice to the public on how to buy and sell successfully gives one of the best pictures of stock broking in the second half of the eighteenth century’. - From Coffee House to Cyber Market: Two Hundred Years of the London Stock Exchange, Elizabeth Hennessy.

‘As the title suggests, the author's object was to encourage members of the public to buy and sell for themselves, without employing brokers. His attacks upon the brokers, though often amusing, are obviously exaggerated, but on technical matters he is accurate.' - Morgan & Thomas.
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Temple Bar, or Some Account of “ye Marygold,” No. 1, Fleet Street - F. G. H. Price

1875 - Printed by Taylor and Francis, London - First Edition
A scarce, fine and inscribed first edition of the history of private banking house of Child & Co., one of the oldest private banks in the United Kingdom, who has traded from No. 1 Fleet Street since 1673, under the ‘Marygold’ sign.

This copy is inscribed from the author, F.G.H. Price to the Marquess of Tavistock, 8th Duke of Bedford, whose family had at that date been banking with Chlid & Co., for two centuries, the first Duke of Bedford opened his account in 1679.
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Forty-five Years in China: Reminiscences - Timothy Richard

1916 - T. Fisher Unwin, London - First Edition
The problem before the missionary in China, as I found it forty-five years ago, was not only how to save the souls of a fourth of the human race, but also how to save their bodies from perishing at the rate of four million per annum, and to free their minds, more crippled than the feet of their women, from a philosophy and custom which had lasted for many centuries and eft them at the mercy of any nation which might attack their country.

A near fine and rare first edition of this important illustrated autobiography by the man whose ‘manifold activities and vast influence defy summary. Pioneer missionary, philanthropist, missionary statesman, scholar, educationalist, author, and publicist, friend and adviser of princes and peasants, the name of ‘ Li T'i-motai ’ was a household word throughout China’ (
Dictionary of Welsh Biography).

According to Wenzong Wang (
Builders of the Chinese Church, 2015) the welsh Missionary Timothy ‘Li T’i-motai’ Richard (1845-1919) impacted the entire late Quing Dynasty. The Quing Empire conferred upon him the First Red Button Grade of the Mandarin in 1903, later followed by ennobling his ancestors for three generations to equal rank. In 1907, he was decorated with the Order of the Double Dragon. Richard was the only Protestant missionary who was so highly honoured.

Kenneth S. Latourette (
A History of Christian Missions in China, 1929), described Richard as “one of the greatest missionaries whom any branch of the Church, whether Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox or Protestant, has sent to China”.’ 
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Social and Diplomatic Memories 1884-1893 - Sir James Rennell Rodd G.C.B.

1922 - Edward Arnold & Co., London - Second Impression
The autobiography of 1st Bron Rennell (1858-1941), British diplomat, poet (Oscar Wilde assisted in publishing Rodd’s first book of poems), politician, and scholar of ancient Greece and Rome.

Covering the early years from his childhood, the ‘Balliol set’, and young Bohemian adulthood, to his first posting in Berlin from 1884 to 1888, where he became an intimate friend of the Empress Frederick, and recounts his memories of Bismark and other major figures during that tumultuous time, after this he moves on to Greece, Italy, France, and finally Zanzibar and East Africa at the end of the 19th century.

Finely bound and with a four page hand-written letter from his wife to an ‘unknown friend’, composed at the British Legation, Athens in February 1928.
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Stock Market Profits - R. W. Schabacker, M.A.

1934 - B. C. Forbes Publishing Company, New York - First Edition
‘One of the early interpreters of the Dow Theory, editor of Forbes Magazine, Schabacker is the only author credited in the chartist’s bible, Technical Analysis of stock trends, by Edwards and Magee. Remarkably, by the time of his early death at age 36, he had produced three major works on the stock market, which are considered”among the most influential ever written on the technical side of the market” by Schultz and Coslow [A Treasury of Wall Street Wisdom]. Schabacker is also remembered for his warning in September 1929 of an “impending major reaction”.’ - Dennistoun, Bubbles, Booms and Busts.

‘A comprehensive survey of current mechanism, practic and theory, by the financial editor of
Forbes magazine’ [Larson, Guide to Business History]. 
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1830 - John Murray, London - First Edition
Sir Walter Scott’s series of ten letters regarding the origins and practices of witchcraft and demonology, including fortune-telling, mystical cures by charms, priests as wizards or conjurers, and other rituals. Accompanied by the separately published, rather dark but appropriate twelve engraved plates by Cruikshank. In a contemporary binding and with the engraved frontispiece illustration of the House of Major Weir by J. Skene

This collection ‘addressed to Lockhart, his biographer and son-in-law, is ‘notable for both its scope (examining social, cultural, medical and psychological factors in peoples' paranormal experiences) and its clear, rational standpoint. Scott explores the influence of Christianity on evolving views of what is classified as 'witchcraft' or 'evil', and he explains the many (often innocuous) meanings of the word 'witch'. Written with palpable enthusiasm and from a strikingly modern perspective, this volume explores a range of topics including fairies, elves and fortune-telling as well as inquisitions and witch trials.’ -
Oxford University Press. 
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