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The Works - Charles Dickens

1903 - Chapman and Hall, London -  The Biographical Edition
A sumptuously bound set, complete in nineteen volumes, thoroughly illustrated throughout with 574 full-page illustrations, 143 in-text, and eight illustrated title pages.

Illustrations by ‘Phiz’ (Hablot Knight Browne), George Cruikshank, Marcus Stone, George Cattermole, F. Walker, H. K. Browne, Seymour, Dalziel, J. G. Pinwell, Luke Fildes, Charles Green, Mahony, Cattermole, Landseer, Maclise, Stanfield, Leech, Doyle, etc.
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The Personal History of David Copperfield - Charles Dickens

1900 Circa - Chapman and Hall Ltd., London - Universal Edition of Works
‘Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.’

Finely bound early edition with the illustrated title pages and the 40 original illustrations by ‘Phiz’.

‘In this book of
David Copperfield, [Dickens] has created creatures who cling to us and tyrannise over us, creatures whom we would not forget if we could, creatures whom we could not forget if we would, creatures who are more actual than the man who made them.’ – G. K. Chesterton

The story of a boy making his way in the world, and finding himself as a man and as a writer. In the first half, before Dickens's irrepressible storytelling kicks in and the motor of the novel starts to hum with incident, we find him almost meditating on his literary beginnings. The second half displays Dickens at his magnificent, and often uneven, best. There are the characteristic prose arpeggios, the virtuoso similes and metaphors, and the parade of timeless characters: Mr Micawber, Mrs Gummidge, Betsey Trotwood, Barkis, Uriah Heep, Steerforth, Mr Spenlow (of Spenlow and Jorkins) and Miss Mowcher.
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The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. With Fifty-Seven Illustrations by “Phiz” - Charles Dickens

1874 - Chapman and Hall, 193 Piccadilly - First Household Edition
‘Before [Dickens] wrote a single real story, he had a kind of vision . . . a map full of fantastic towns, thundering coaches, clamorous market-places, uproarious inns, strange and swaggering figures. That vision was Pickwick.’ – G.K. Chesteron

A handsomely bound early edition of Dickens’ first novel, with all the original illustrations by “Phiz”, printed with text in double-column format.

The Pickwick Papers
recounts the rollicking adventures of Mr Pickwick, his companion Sam Weller, the poet Snodgrass, the lover Tupman, and the sportsman Winkle, as they travel about England, from the hallowed turf of Dingley Dell Cricket Club, to the Eastanswill election and the Fleet debtor’s prison. 
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1982 - The Folio Society, London - First Folio Edition
Finely bound edition of Charles Dickens’s last complete novel and a glorious satire spanning all levels of Victorian society, with an introduction by Christopher Hibbert, and illustrated throughout with Charles Keeping’s wonderful line drawings. Keeping (1924-88) is ideal as an illustrator for Dickens as he himself grew up in Lambeth in a terraced house that housed three generations, surrounded by street markets and working horses. Keeping is the only artist to illustrate the complete works of Dickens, which took ten years to complete.

Our Mutual Friend centres on an inheritance – Old Harmon’s profitable dust heaps – and its legatees, young John Harmon, presumed drowned when a body is pulled out of the River Thames, and kindly dustman Mr Boffin, to whom the fortune defaults. With brilliant satire, Dickens portrays a dark, macabre London, inhabited by such disparate characters as Gaffer Hexam, scavenging the river for corpses; enchanting, mercenary Bella Wilfer; the social-climbing Veneerings; and the unscrupulous street-trader Silas Wegg. The novel is richly symbolic in its vision of death and renewal in a city dominated by the fetid Thames, and the corrupting power of money’. 
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The Uncommercial Traveller - Charles Dickens, E. G. Dalziel (illustrator)

1877 - Chapman and Hall, 193 Piccadilly - Household Edition, and first Dalziel illustrated edition
Are not the sane and the insane equal at night as the sane lie a dreaming? Are not all of us outside this hospital, who dream, more or less in the condition of those inside it, every night of our lives?

A handsomely bound nineteenth century collection of Dickens 36 semi-autobiographical essays in which he wanders the streets of London and reminisces about his childhood and past, with 26 illustrations by Edward Gurdon Dalziel and the text in double columns.

These pieces are among the most admired and quoted of Dickens's journalistic essays, highlighting his unique skills as a social observer and commentator and 'sketcher' of contemporary life.
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1876 - Chapman and Hall, 193 Piccadilly - Household Edition, and first Fraser illustrated edition
A handsomely bound, nineteenth century edition of Dickens's haunting late novel depicting the education and development of the young Pip as his life is changed by a series of events - a terrifying encounter with an escaped convict in a graveyard on the wild Kent marshes; a summons to meet the bitter, decaying Miss Havisham and her beautiful, cold-hearted ward Estella; the sudden generosity of a mysterious benefactor - and he discovers the true nature of his 'great expectations'.

With 30 illustrations by Frank Fraser, and text in double column format.
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The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens, F. Barnard (illustrator)

1875 - Chapman and Hall, 193 Piccadilly - Household Edition, and first Barnard illustrated edition
A handsomely bound edition, with 59 illustrations by Frederick Barnard and the text in double columns.

Our hero confronts a large and varied cast, including Wackford Squeers, the fantastic ogre of a schoolmaster, and Vincent Crummles, the grandiloquent ham actor, on his comic and satirical adventures up and down the country. Punishing wickedness, befriending the helpless, strutting the stage, and falling in love, Nicholas shares some of his creator's energy and earnestness as he faces the pressing issues of early Victorian society.

‘The novel has everything: an absorbing melodrama, with a supporting cast of heroes, villains and eccentrics, set in a London where vast wealth and desperate poverty live cheek-by-jowl.’ -
The Times. 
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The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit - Charles Dickens, F. Barnard (illustrator)

1872 - Harper & Brothers, New York - Household Edition
A handsomely bound edition of Dickens’ satirical comedy of hypocrisy, selfishness, and greed, the picaresque story of young Martin Chuzzlewit who, together with the scheming architect Pecksniff, journeys to America to seek his fortune. With 59 illustrations by Frederick Barnard and the text in double columns.

‘Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he’s well dressed’.

As much of
Martin Chuzzlewit was inspired by Dickens travels in America in 1842, which left an unfavourable impression on him, he includes in this edition a Postscript quoting a speech given to 200 representatives of the Press of the United States of America, at a dinner given to him in New York in 1868. In this he lays out his admiration for the people of America, and a copy of which he promises to include in every on of his works published in the United States in which he has referred to America. 
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Price HK$ 2,800

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