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1931 - George C. Harrap and Co., London - First Thus, Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
‘It breathes the very spirit of innocence, purity, and simplicity of the heart. There are many choice old verses interspersed in it; it would sweeten a man's temper at any time to read it’ – Charles Lamb on The Compleat Angler, in his letter to Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

A fine copy of Walton’s beloved celebration of the spirit of fishing, wonderfully illustrated by Arthur Rackham with 12 full page colour plates, including frontispiece, together with several other black and white in-text illustrations. 
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The Costumes of the Members of the University of Oxford - Nathaniel Whittock

Circa 1840 - Published for the Proprietor by J. Robins, London
Engraved title and seventeen fine hand coloured engraved plates on accordion style strip, folding out to 122cm [4ft].

Plates as follows [names according to a document held in the Lincoln Archives]:
Scholar [W. Carter]; Commoners [J. Stewart, H. Sibthorpe]; Gentleman Commoner undress gown [Charles Mundy]; Gentleman Commoner dress gown [Dr. Estean (?) of Christ Church]; Nobleman undress gown [Lord Seaham]; Nobleman dress gown [Lord Athlone]; Bachelor of Arts [Revd. Dr. Stewart]; Bachelor of Civil Law [W.B. Heathcote subwarden of New College]; Masters of Arts [J.H. Vernon, J.H. New]; Doctor of Divinity [Dr. Pusey]; Doctor of Music [Dr. Elvey of New College]; Doctor of Civil Laws dress gown [W. Young]; Pro. Proctor [W. Bloxam]; Proctor [E. Dayman, R. Jolley]; Doctor of Divinity dress gown [Dr. Pusey]; Chancellor of the University of Oxford [The Duke].  
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New York - The World Journal Tribune Magazine - Tom Wolfe Kesey

1967New York
Special Issue of the short lived Word Journal Tribune, with the Tom Wolfe article ‘the World of LSD’ which later became The Electric Cool Aid Acid Test. Also includes other articles on such luminaries as the good Doctor Leary. Signed on colour illustrated cover by Kesey & Wolfe. You just can’t find clothes or glasses like these anymore. 
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Price HK$ 7,000

Results 41 - 43 of 43 results