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The Arts of Rowing and Training, with an appendix containing the laws of boat-racing, etc., by Argonaut . - Brickwood Argonaut

1866 - Horace Cox, 346 - First Edition
A near fine and rare first edition of ‘in all probability the earliest comprehensive work on the technique of rowing’. It was written to supply “the want of a concise, yet withal comprehensive, manual on boat-racing”. Only one previous writer, says the preface, had “been found willing to bequeath to his successors the results of his observation and the fruits of his experience; and even he, if I am not mistaken, excelled rather as a coxswain than as an oarsman”. The reference is probably to A. T. Shadwell.

The contents, which “
embody the precepts which have of late contributed to the repeated successes of the Oxford University crew”, are arranged in 2 parts. Part I, “Rowing”, includes chapters on boats and their fittings, the art of rowing, coaching, steering, sculling, examples of form and style, and the conduct of regattas. The chapters on coaching deplore the contemporary sacrifice of form to pace. The chapter on boats gives an interesting account of the development of outrigged boats and a table of dimensions and prices.

In Part II, “Training”, running before breakfast is condemned, meat should be “just done to a turn, as it is called, not blue or half raw”, and the author expresses his opinion that a limited amount of smoking should be permitted except in exceptional cases.’ No raw vegetables or green tea, but make sure to have a beer with lunch (p. 133-134).
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Boat Racing: or The Arts of Rowing and Training - Edwin Dampier Brickwood (Amateur Ex-Champion of The Thames)

1876 - Horace Cox, 346 Strand - New Edition
Fine example of the rare second edition of ‘the earliest comprehensive work on the technique of rowing’ which adds the wonderful albumen photograph of an elegantly calm Henley and has been expanded with alterations bringing it up to date with the addition of historical matter. The most important being the invention and acceptance of the sliding seat between the first edition of 1866 and this second edition of 1876.

The introduction comments on the marked decline in the popularity of professional rowing, except on the Tyne. On the other hand, the crowds ‘have taken to the University boat race, which, for obvious reasons, would be more likely to prove attractive to the middle and upper classes’. A great improvement is noted in the art of rowing and an increase in its popularity. ‘Twenty years ago’. says the author, ‘there was not one regatta in England where there are now a score, and... good oarsmanship is not confined to the male sex. The art of training has been rescued from the depth of empiricism in which it was too long suffered to dwell, and in which the ignorant prejudices of illiterate professionals, who at one time usurped the coaching amateurs, purposely kept it. At the present time it is conducted on the principles of common sense and hygiene, and so far from being a mystery is now nothing more nor less than an adhesion to a few simple rules’. On the other hand, coaching has been needlessly surrounded with ‘humbug and bewildering technicalities’, and ‘form, perhaps has not improved, but better things may be hoped for, as the use of the new tools becomes familiar.’
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1896 - Longmans, London and Bombay - Number 193 of 250 Large Paper Deluxe Edition
A handsome copy of this large and comprehensive limited edition, an informative history and guide to the game of billiards, with contributions by A.H. Boyd, Sydenham Dixon, W.J. Ford, Dudley D. Pontifex, Russell D. Walker, and Reginald Rimington-Wilson.

Illustrated with eleven full page black and white plates by artist Lucien Davies, and numerous drawings and diagrams throughout the text.
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The Salmon Rivers and Lochs of Scotland - William Leadbetter Calderwood

1909 - Edward Arnold, London - First Edition
A finely bound example of this early twentieth century classic and comprehensive work on salmon fishing, with detailed descriptions and personal views of each Salmon river and loch, supported with illustrations throughout including four colour plates, thirty-four photographic plates and eighteen full page maps with colour outline.

Calderwood was one of the first to note the danger of overfishing and the importance of Salmon conservation, and what did and did not affect the run of Salmon. He was also the first to show that Salmon could be aged by growth rings on their scales.
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The Borders and Beyond - Abel Chapman

1924 - Gurney and Jackson, London - First Edition
A bright copy of this informative work of field exploration and natural history in Northumberland and the Anglo-Scottish borderlands.

Hunter-naturalist Chapman includes chapters on the British red grouse, the wildfowl of the north east coast, a search for the ‘moorland nymph’, salmonology, seagulls, woodcocks and herons, ravens, and the otter, together with a commentary on ‘modern zoology’, and extensive particulars on the migrations and plumage-phases in certain waders, to which he gave the name ‘Globe-Spanners’.

Profusely illustrated throughout with seventeen wonderful colour illustrations (on fourteen plates) by W.H. Riddell, twenty one black and white plates, two folding maps, and 170 sketches by the author.
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Unexplored Spain - Abel Chapman, Walter J. Buck

1910 - Edward Arnold, London - First Edition
An excellent copy of this influential work on Spain and its wildlife, with chapters on the historic hunting ground of Coto Doñana, Andalusia’s big game, wildfowl and wild geese, the Spanish bull fight, flamingoes, wild camels, the highlands of Asturias, Valencia, and sketches of Spanish bird life, together with an account of the Spanish ibex, which Chapman would go on to save from extinction.

Profusely illustrated throughout with 209 full page black and white plates and in text illustrations by Joseph Crawhall, E. Crawhall, and Abel Chapman, and from photographs.

This copy was gifted by Heatley Noble, renowned ornithologist, author, and one of the half dozen best shots at Grouse and driven Pheasant in the kingdom during the early 1900’s.
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1893 - Gurney and Jackson, London - First Edition
An elegantly bound first edition of this influential and important work on Spain and its wildlife, based on over 20 years experience. Amongst the larger animals Chapman gives an account of the Spanish ibex, which he would go on to save from extinction.

Double page colour map of Spain to front, profusely illustrated throughout with 51 full page plates and over 100 in-text illustrations in black and white by Joseph Crawhall, E. Crawhall, and Abel Chapman, and from photographs.

This copy was formerly from the library of a contemporary of Abel Chapman, John Coulson Tregarthen (1854-1933), renowned British field naturalist, author, and mathematician. With his signature and annotation to half title.
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The London Cyclist Battalion - A. S. Clark (editor)

1932 - Published for The 25th London (Cyclist) Old Comrades' Association by Forster Groom &, London - First Edition
The thirty-three years from 1887 to 1920 witnessed the conception, birth, growth, adolescence, and premature death of military cycling (as distinct from mere despatch riding) in the British Army. This scarce work provides a history of military bicycling in the British Army, chronicling the events of the 26th corp., and it’s successor the 25th battalion, including their campaigns in Waziristan, India in 1917, the third Afghan War of 1919, the Amiritsar uprising in 1919, and in Mesopotamia.

Illustrated throughout with photographic plates.
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