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Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

1932 - Chatto & Windus, London - First Edition
‘O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is!
O brave new world that hath such creatures in't!’

An exceptional copy of the first edition, in a bright example of the iconic dust jacket, without restoration, price-clipping or technological modification. Housed in custom made clamshell case of fine blue morocco leather over matching cloth, velvet lined, and lettered in gilt to the spine.

A modern highlight, and landmark of 20th century fiction. Huxley’s bitterly satiric account of an inhumane society controlled by technology, in which art and religion have been abolished and human beings reproduce by artificial fertilisation.

‘Brilliantly plausible fantasy... a Utopia which is never dull, of which the horror is always credible as one’s sympathies grow more involved with the fate of the young primitive from the Indian Reservation who challenges the machine.’ – Cyril Connolly,
Modern Movement. 
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The Dong with a Luminous Nose - Edward Lear, Edward Gorey (illustrator)

1969 - Young Scott Books, New York - First Edition
When awful darkness and silence reign
Over the great Gromboolian plain,
Through the long, long wintry nights;–
When the angry breakers roar
As they beat on the rocky shore:–
When Storm-clouds brood on the towering heights
Of the Hills of the Chankly Bore:–

And when Edward Gorey gets his hands on Lear’s gothically nonsense poetry, well, it gets darker, and better, and, nonsensier, and, and, and . . .

And he wove him a wondrous Nose,–
A Nose as strange as a Nose could be!
Of vast proportions and painted red,
And tied with cords to the back of his head
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The Beetle. A Mystery - Richard Marsh

1897 - Skeffington & Son, London - First Edition
'I saw him take a different shape before my eyes. His loose draperies fell about him…and there issued out of them a monstrous creature of the beetle tribe…'

An outstanding example of Richard Marsh’s best-selling gothic horror masterpiece. With four full page monochrome plates from illustrations by John Williamson.
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Beast in View - Margaret Millar

1955 - Random House, New York - First Edition
The psychological thriller, ‘strongly plotted accounts of eruptions from the depths of the unconscious’, by a mistress of suspense at the top of her form, winner of numerous awards and top rankings including the 1956 Edgar Allan Poe Award, and one of the Mystery Writers of America's Top 100 Mystery Novels of All Time. Difficult to find in such a bright dust jacket.

Beast in View was adapted for The Alfred Hitchcock Hour in the 60s and Alfred Hitchcock Presents in the 80s. Writing about the book in 1984 for the New York Times, Anthony Boucher said, it was “written with such complete realization of every character that the most bitter antagonist of mystery fiction may be forced to acknowledge it as a work of art.” - Jake Hinson, Hall of Famers, Criminal Element. 
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Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Rackham (illustrator)

1935 - George G. Harrap and Co., London - First Rackham Edition
As for the murders, let us enter into some examinations for ourselves, before we make up an opinion respecting them. An inquiry will afford us amusement’ - Monsieur C. Auguste Dupin.

Presenting Poe’s three pioneering detective stories - ‘
The Murders in the Rue Morgue’, ‘The Mystery of Marie Rogêt’, and ‘The Purloined Letter’.

In these three short tales ‘Poe originated an astonishing number of conventions in detective fiction. The brilliant detective, the locked room mystery, and the bungling inept police are among the more obvious. The use of sleight of hand – placing all clues in sight while leading the reader to regard the from a point of view that will not reveal the truth–is another of Poe’s inventions. His construction of the detective story has become classic. The most salient feature of Poe’s detective tales is the introduction, as narrator, of an unnamed voice, the contrast with whose bland and obtuse normality dramatises the genius of the detective’ - Rosemary Herbert,
A Who’s Who in Crime & Mystery Writing.

In addition to Poe’s three detective stories, a further of twenty six tales are contained within this finely bound tome, including ‘
The Cask of Amontillado‘, ‘The Fall of The House of Usher‘, and ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’. Powerfully illustrated by Arthur Rackham with twelve colour plates and seventeen black and white drawings.

But for many minutes the heart beat on with a muffled sound...
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Candlenight - Phil Rickman

1991 - Duckworth, London - First Edition
Author’s first novel. A gothic horror, based in 1980’s Wales, when Welsh homes were being taken over by wealthier English inhabitants. Scary.

Perhaps best described in the reviews:-
'Grimly sinister. Written with blood-curdling aplomb' -
Sunday Telegraph.
'Gripping throughout. Powerful, classic stuff.' -
The Times.
'Crisp prose, excellent dialogue and a real sense of mounting evil' -
Time Out.
'A brooding first novel... credibly fuses Celtic myth with contemporary Welsh politics' -
The Sunday Telegraph. 
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Prince Zaleski - M. P. Shiel

1895 - Roberts Bros., Boston - First American Edition
‘The prince reclined on a couch from which a draping of cloth-of-silver rolled torrent over the floor. Beside him, stretched in its open sarcophagus which rested on three brazen trestles, lay the mummy of an ancient Memphian, from the upper part of which the brown cerements had rotted or been rent, leaving the hideousness of the naked, grinning countenance exposed to view.’

Featuring the titular exiled Russian nobleman,
Prince Zaleski lies comfortably in the intersection between the supernatural and good-old detection. Our protagonist spends the majority of his time lounging comfortably in his half ruined welch castle, smoking hashish and opium while reading medieval texts. His plans of leisure are dashed, however, when his friend Shiel seeks his aid in solving a seemingly closed case, where the culprit was apprehended while standing over the corpse, smoking gun in hand...

Sheil, the author, became one of the first authors to apply the concept of a ‘meta’ narrative by placing himself in the centre of the action, the novel has since been listed in both the Queen’s Quorum and Haycraft-Queen’s Cornerstone titles, and has influenced authors such as Shirley Jackson, Carson McCullers, and Stephen King.
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A disturbing duo - The Family Arsenal - with - My Secret History - Paul Theroux

1976 - Hamish Hamilton, London - First Editions
Two first editions of of Paul Theroux’s more exotic and disturbing works.

The Family Arsenal - Hood, a renegade American diplomat, envisions a new urban order, flirts with terrorists. Mayo, has just made a political statement - stealing a Flemish painting. Murf the bomb-maker scrawls 'Arsenal Rule' across the city's walls, whilst Brodie bombs Euston and afterwards worries about her complexion. A novel of London lowlife and the dispossessed, and a powerful and violent thriller of disenchanted people.

‘One of the most evocative, intelligently crafted suspense novels in years - like the early fiction of Graham Greene.' -
The New York Times.

'Brilliant and haunting. . . the ingenious of the plot, the London setting. . . the trapped and interwoven people, and the balefully witty observation, have an undistracted force' -

My Secret History - 'Nothing on the shelf has quite prepared the reader for My Secret History… Parent saunters into the book aged fifteen, shouldering a .22 Mossberg rifle as earlier, more innocent American heroes used to tote a fishing pole. In his pocket is a paperback translation of Dante's Inferno… He is a creature of naked and unquenchable ego, greedy for sex, money, experience, another life' - Observer.

‘Merges the two genres he's famous for... My Secret History is about the permanence of marriage in the face of mistrust and infidelity; it's about the wisdom of women and the foolishness of men; and it's about mature love as the necessary and sometimes successful antidote to youthful selfishness.’ - New York Times Book Review. 
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