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1892 - Cassell Publishing Company, New York - First American Edition in English
A fine copy, with the folding map in front pocket which is usually missing. Illustrations throughout, both full page and in-text, mostly from photographs taken by Prince Henri d’Orleans.

The French explorer, author and legislator Gabriel Bonvalot (1853–1933) "traversed not only that portion of Tibet which several English travellers had explored, but going beyond the limits which their predecessors had reached, forced their way over the table-lands and came out on the other side, this journey one which no European had ever accomplished" (Preface).

Across Thibet ‘describes Bonvalot's expedition across Russia and Siberia to Tibet, and then through Yunnan to Vietnam, accompanied by Prince Henri d'Orléans whose father, the Duc of Chartres, financed the expedition. 
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