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SOLD - Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford - George Randolph Chester

1908 - Henry Altemus Company, Philadelphia - First Edition
Dedicated ‘To the live business men of America, those who have been "stung" and those who have yet to undergo that painful experience’.

A sharp bright and thus rare example of this Queen’s Quorum highlight, illustrated with six black and white full page plates by various artists. The grandiose Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford started his big time bamboozling and no better description of the book can be devised than its own subtitle:
A Cheerful Account of the Rise and Fall of an American Business Buccaneer.

‘James Rufus Wallingford a “business buccaneer,” uses nearly legal methods to earn fortunes in business enterprises, promptly spending his money on costly food, drink and clothes Suave and sophisticated, with a look of affluence he inspires confidence in potential investors in his schemes, and they are anxious to be part of his endeavours, he is equally anxious to accept their contributions His lovely young wife, Fanny, has a vague suspicion that he is not quite honest, and she feels guilty for not trusting him’ - Steinbrunner & Penzler.
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