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History of the Jews. From the Earliest Times to the Present Day - Graetz Heinrich von, Bella L

1891-2 - David Nutt, London - First Edition in English
A fine five volume set of the first edition, with frontispiece portrait of Heinrich von Graetz in final volume.
Originally published in 11 volumes in German from 1853 to 1870. It was then translated by Bella Loewy and published in this the first edition in English in 1891.

‘One of the first comprehensive popular histories of the Jews written by a Jew, and the work became very popular and influential in its time. Although the book has many shortcomings, they "are outbalanced by the facts that the work of presenting the whole of Jewish history [up to 1848] was undertaken, that it was executed in a readable form, and that the author enriched Jewish history by the discovery of many an important detail." ‘

With exceptional provenance, from the library of Lord Swaythling, Louis Samuel Montagu (1869-1927), head of the banking firm of Samuel Montagu & Company of London, and one of the outstanding leaders of Anglo-Jewry and President of the Federation of Synagogues and Initiation Society. With his signature to volumes II and III.
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