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Constitutions of the Antient and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons - James Anderson, John Entick

1756. In the Vulgar Year of Masonry 5756 - Printed for Brother J. Scott, London - First Edition
Rare example of the third book of Constitutions, revised, enlarged and entirely recast by Committee and Rev. John Entick (1713-73), using only the enlarged history that James Anderson (c.1680-1739) had written for his 1738 edition. The first printing of the Constitutions was in 1723

In its original Masonic binding, with a leather label stating ‘
George. Shug Lane. Constitution Book. Bror. Lewis. Master. Brors. Gally. Hutchison. Wardens. 5765.’ which was the Masonic Lodge of George (George and Dragon), Shug Lane, London, 1765 , named Gothic Lodge in 1782 (lapsed about 1805). [Lane’s]

Copper-engraved allegorical frontispiece by Benjamin Cole after Louis-Philippe Boitard, both Masons, representing ‘the genius of Freemasonry seated on a throne, London being seen in the background, the dome of St. Paul’s appearing as a prominent figure, and a portion of the old London Bridge being also visible. On tessellated pavement in the front are working tools scattered about, the arms of the Grand Lodge being depicted at the right of the figure’. [Hughan]
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