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Travels in North and Central China - John Grant Birch

1902 - Hurst and Blackett, London - First Edition
Birch’s fascinating and entertaining travel journal. John Grant Birch (1847-1900) was an engineer and businessman heavily involved with overseas railway contracts, in September 1899 he left England for China for the purpose of surveying the country of the Upper Yangtsze district with a view to railway enterprise. This having been accomplished, he travelled to Lanchow, intending to make his say to Peking, via the Yellow River and the Great Wall...

Illustrated throughout with 20 photographic plates and 37 photo illustrations in the text, all taken by the author.

Published posthumously as explained on the last page ‘
The two travellers could not be persuaded to renounce their intentions of proceeding to Peking. At Lan-chau they embarked on a raft to descend the Hwang-ho to Ning-hsia; two days later, on June 24th, the raft was wrecked and Mr. Birch was drowned. Captain Watts-Jones succeeded in clinging to a floating plank and escaped with his life, but, a few weeks later, was barbarously murdered at Kwei-hwa-cheng by the Deputy Prefect. The End’. 
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Price HK$ 1,200