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1935 - Henri Vetch, Peking - First Edition
A nice copy signed by Arlington in 1939.

‘A painstakingly constructed portrait of one of the world's great cities in the 1930s. Until the Communist revolution of 1949, the standard guidebook to the architecture of the Chinese capital was
In Search of Old Peking by two long-time foreign residents, L.C. Arlington, an American naval officer who became a civil servant, and William Lewisohn, an English diplomat who ended up a journalist. The work still retains its charm, as the modern facsimile reprint of it shows, but it ceased to be a repository of practical information once Mao Zedong turned his attention to the city’. (Fetherling)

Profusely illustrated with frontispiece of the Emperor Yung Lo and 24 other images, together with 30 maps and plans many of which are folding; these include a plan on the front end-paper of the 19 tours in the city and suburbs of Peking which are described in the book; a map on the rear end-paper of the Peking Plain; and a large folding plan of Peking in three colours contained in a pocket on the inside of rear board. 
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Price HK$ 3,000