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The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm - Norman Hunter, W. Heath Robinson (illustrator)

1933 - John Lane, London - First Edition
Eccentric, absent-minded inventor Professor Branestawm embarks on a series of adventures with his friend Colonel Dedshott. Various machines are invented: a time travel-machine, a device to capture and tie up burglars, and a spring-cleaning machine. Inevitably, something goes wrong and Professor Branestawm is again in a pickle, exasperating his housekeeper Mrs Flittersnoop and delighting us.

Inventively and wackily illustrated by the most appropriate Heath Robinson, who was famous for his rickety contraptions, and the illustrations were a perfect foil to the outlandish plots of these short stories, each picture typically featuring the professor's unfeasibly large forehead. The seventy-six illustrations each comes with an evocative title such as
A telescope of his own invention or With nothing on at all but a big smile. 
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Price HK$ 4,500