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The Novels of Victor Hugo - Victor Hugo

1888-99 - Little, Boston - Library Editions
A finely bound 14 volume set of the novels of Victor Hugo comprising (by year first published):- Hans of Iceland; Bug-Jargal - with - Claude Gueux - and - The Last Day of a Condemned; Notre-Dame de Paris (two volumes); Les Misérables (five volumes); The Toilers of the Sea (two volumes); The Man Who Laughs (two volumes); and Ninety-Three.

Twenty four full page engravings by A. Demarest, George Roux, Jules Adeline, P. Kaufmann, Jules Lefebvre, Falero, G. Jeanniot, V. Gilbert, Ernest Duez, Cliché Walery, Émile Vernier, Henri Pille, and Adrien Marie. Each with descriptive tissue guard.

With notes and prefaces to the first editions, and in some cases notes to later editions and letters where relevant
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Price HK$ 20,000