Master Humphrey s Clock - Charles Dickens

April 4th 1840 to November 1841 - Chapman and Hall, London - First Edition in 20 monthly parts
A complete set of the 20 monthly parts, all in original wrappers, and housed in two custom cases. Comprising of first editions of ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ and ‘Barnaby Rudge’.

Illustrated with 198 engravings, including two frontispieces, 130 illustrations, and twenty-five decorative initials by H. K. Browne ("Phiz"); one frontispiece and thirty-eight illustrations by George Cattermole; one illustration by Samuel Williams; and one illustration by Daniel Maclise. The illustrations were engraved on wood by E. Landells, C. Gray, S. Williams, and Vasey.

Narrator Master Humphrey was a lonely man who lived in London. He keeps old manuscripts in an antique grandfather clock by the chimney-corner, and decides to start a little club, called Master Humphrey's Clock, where the members, including Mr. Pickwick himself, have a penchant for telling stories. In the book, several short tales are recounted, followed by the novels ‘
The Old Curiosity Shop’, which narrates the life of the beautiful and virtuous Little Nell and her Grandfather, and ‘Barnaby Rudge’. 
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Price HK$ 30,000

The Christmas Books - Charles Dickens

Circa 1890 - Chapman &, London
A finely bound 19th century edition of this classic Yuletide collection, bound in a single volume, beginning with A Christmas Carol when old, surly Ebenezer Scrooge receives a visit from the ghost of Marley, his late business partner, on Christmas eve, and he beholds a series of visions of the past, present, and future that make him decide to amend his ways…

Illustrated throughout with full-page plates including a colour frontispiece and other illustrations within the text by Sir Edward Landseer, R.A., Maclise R.A., Stanfield, R.A., F. Stone, Doyle, Leech and Tenniel.

‘After the success attained with
A Christmas Carol in 1843 Dickens continued the series throughout the 1840s, maintaining what he called "the Carol philosophy" to "strike a sledgehammer blow" for the poor, uneducated, and repressed. In typical Dickens fashion he drove his message home with a mixture of humour and good cheer’. [David Purdue]. 
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The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens, F. Barnard (illustrator)

1875 - Chapman and Hall, 193 Piccadilly - Household Edition, and first Barnard illustrated edition
A handsomely bound edition, with 59 illustrations by Frederick Barnard and the text in double columns.

Our hero confronts a large and varied cast, including Wackford Squeers, the fantastic ogre of a schoolmaster, and Vincent Crummles, the grandiloquent ham actor, on his comic and satirical adventures up and down the country. Punishing wickedness, befriending the helpless, strutting the stage, and falling in love, Nicholas shares some of his creator's energy and earnestness as he faces the pressing issues of early Victorian society.

‘The novel has everything: an absorbing melodrama, with a supporting cast of heroes, villains and eccentrics, set in a London where vast wealth and desperate poverty live cheek-by-jowl.’ -
The Times. 
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Price HK$ 3,000

The Works of William Shakespeare - William Shakespeare, Alexander Dyce

1891 - Swan Sonnenschein &, London - Sixth Edition
An attractively bound ten volume set of Shakespeare, volume I with Dyce’s Life of Shakespeare, prefaces, and history of the early editions, volume X containing a 526 page glossary. 
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Price HK$ 18,000

The Tragedy of Richard the Third: with the Landing of Earle Richmond, and the Battell at Bosworth Field - William Shakespeare, Mary Grabhorn (illustrator)

1953 - The Grabhorn Press, San Francisco - First Grabhorn Edition. One of 180 Limited Copies
A fine copy of this handsome private press folio (19.8x26.8cm), bound in full limp vellum with cloth ties, spine lettered in gilt, and housed in the original green paper covered slipcase.

With six colour illustrations printed from woodblocks designed and cut by Mary Grabhorn. The paper was hand made at the Tuckenay Mill in England, and the type, an old French Lettre Batarde, was cast in Paris at the Peignot Foundry.

The third volume in the beautiful Grabhorn Press series of Shakespeare’s plays, and as with the previous two, the text for this edition is reprinted from the First Folio of 1623.
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Price HK$ 4,000