Ukridge - P. G. Wodehouse

1924 - Herbert Jenkins, London - First Edition, in early issue dust jacket.
These ten stories are told by 'Corky' Corcoran, who had been at Wrykyn with Ukridge and to whom Ukridge was always a threat - borrowing money and clothes.

Here we meet 'Battling' Billson, the soft-hearted heavyweight boxer whom Ukridge is promoting; Ukridge's rich Aunt Julia; George Tupper of the Foreign Office, another school friend of Ukridge's; Evan Jones, a Welsh revivalist whose preaching makes Battling Billson think fighting is wicked; Bowles, Corky's ex-butler landlord in Ebury Street; Flossie, the barmaid, Billson's fiancée; and Mabel Price of Clapham Common to whom Ukridge becomes perilously engaged. And finally Lady Lakenheath, Millie's Aunt Elizabeth with a multilingual parrot, Leonard.
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Price HK$ 4,000

Jill the Reckless - P. G. Wodehouse

1921 - Herbert Jenkins Limited, London - First English Edition, in early issue (1925) dust jacket.
Jill had money and was engaged to be married to Sir Derek Underhill. But when she suddenly becomes penniless, she finds herself no longer engaged. Refusing to be beaten, she heads for New York, with a smile that betrays a tinge of recklessness, to join the chorus of "The Rose of America".

An unusually near fine copy and rare as such, in an early issue dust jacket.
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Price HK$ 7,000

The Luck of the Bodkins - P. G. Wodehouse

1935 - Herbert Jenkins, London - First Edition, first state, in early issue dust jacket
Things on board the R. M. S. Atlantic are terribly, terribly, complicated.

Monty Bodkin loves Gertrude, who thinks he likes Lotus Blossom, a starlet, who definitely adores Ambrose, who thinks that she has a thing for his brother, Reggie, who is struck by Mabel Spence, sister-in-law of Ikey Llewellyn (movie mogul, Ambrose's prospective employer and reluctant smuggler), but hasn't the means to marry her. With well-meaning but unhelpful ship's steward Albert Peasemarch and a toy mouse with a screw-top head thrown in for good measure, it will, indeed, take the luck of the Bodkins to sort it all out.

A lovely bright copy of the first edition, in scarce later issue dust jacket (matching the first issue jacket, with the exception of the text to the flaps and price to spine).
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Price HK$ 5,000

Laughing Gas - P. G. Wodehouse

1936 - Herbert Jenkins, London - First Edition, in second issue dust jacket
A near fine copy of this first edition pre-war Wodehouse, in the scarce dust jacket designed by Abbey.

When Reggie becomes the third Earl of Havershot, his first enterprise is nearly his last.

His cousin Egremont, a dedicated souse and black sheep, has escaped to Hollywood and is enthusiastically getting ready to damage the family name still further. Hot on his tail, Reggie is about to talk sense into him, but an agonizing toothache drives Reggie to the dentist instead. Something very strange happens when he finds himself face to swollen face with child star Joey Cooley. Under the influence of laughing gas, a cosmic transfer takes place, leaving Reggie's mind in Joey's body and vice versa. And the world looks very different through Joey's eyes.
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Price HK$ 4,500