1909 - Hodder & Stoughton, London - First Heath Robinson Edition
Kipling’s Imperial poems, including India and the Far East, wonderfully Illustrated with thirty tipped-in colour plates and numerous black and white drawings by Heath Robinson.

‘A man does not read “A Song of the English” twice without knowing that his soul is vibrating in accord with the tones of a master singer.’ -
New York Times 1899

Poems include:- 'A Song of the English, 'The Coastwise Lights', 'The Song of the Dead', 'The Deep-Sea Cables', 'The Song of the Sons', 'The Song of the Cities' and 'England's Answer'. 
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Price HK$ 3,500

Bill the Minder - William Heath Robinson

Circa 1915 - Constable & Co. Ltd., London - Reprint (first published 1912)
A lovely collection of stories by William Heath Robinson, profusely illustrated throughout, with four mounted colour plates and over one hundred black and white drawings, featuring a selection of the fabulous comic contraptions for which he is renowned.

The stories included are:
Bill the Minder, The King of Troy, The Ancient Mariner, The Triplets, Good Aunt Galladia, The Doctor, The Respectable Gentleman, The Sicilian Char-Woman, The Interval, The Real Soldier, The Wild Man, The Musician, The Lost Grocer, The Merchant's Wife, The Camp-Followers, and The Siege of Troy. 
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Price HK$ 800