The Desert Flyer - John Bolton

1936 - Wright & Brown, London - First Edition
A thrilling “Story of the Air” in Egypt!

A scarce between the wars
Air Mystery.  
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Price HK$ 800

Listen! The Wind - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

1939 - Harcourt, New York - First Edition
A lovely copy – in its striking original dust jacket – of Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s beautifully written account of her and her husband’s 1933 flight in their single-engine Lockheed ‘Sirius’ from Africa to South America, as they survey 30,000 miles of coastal aviation routes across the Atlantic Ocean.

With a foreword, and map drawings by Charles Lindbergh.
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Price HK$ 2,800

The Sky Bandits - George G. Rochester

1938 - The Ace Publishing Co., London - First Edition
As he thundered down on Sarat’s tail his gun snarled a staccato accompaniment to the roar of his powerful engine!

Irresistible with chapter headings like ‘
A Perilous Business’; ‘The Secret of the U-Boat’, and ‘A Big Job!’.

Rare in the dust jacket, particularly so in this condition, bright and sharp, without large chips or holes from former combat missions.

With four full page black and white illustrations.
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Price HK$ 3,400

SOLD - The Rainbow and the Rose - Nevil Shute

1958 - Heinemann, London Melbourne Toronto - First Edition
The story is set in Northern Tasmania, a sparsely populated island South of Australia, in the 1950's. Here a retired Airlines Captain named John Pascoe operates a small aero club and crop-dusting company, who crashes during a rescue attempt at a remote mountain location. 
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SOLD - Galahad of the Air - Trevor Wallace

1937 - Wright & Brown, London - First Edition
A scarce between-the-wars aviation thriller set in New Guinea, and featuring the daring pilot Daniel James who bears the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the district surrounding a mining camp as the dastardly Germans seek to sow discontent amongst the local tribes. 
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