Dombey and Son - Charles Dickens Circa 1860 - Chapman and Hall (printed by Bradbury, London - Early Edition (first published 1848) A nice early example of Dombey and Son,in publisher’s olive green cloth, illustrated with engraved frontispiece, title page vignette, and 37 (of 38) plates by H. K. Browne (pen name, ‘Phiz’).

‘Dombey and Son
is both a firm and a family and the ambiguous connection between public and private life lies at the heart of Dickens' novel. Paul Dombey is a man who runs his domestic affairs as he runs his business: calculatingly, callously, coldly and commercially.

Through his dysfunctional relationships with his son, his two wives, and his neglected daughter Florence, Dickens paints a vivid picture of the limitations of a society dominated by commercial values and the drive for profit and explores the possibility of moral and emotional redemption through familial love.’

[introduction from a later
Penguin Classics edition]
  Missing ‘The Rejected Alms’ plate opposite page 352.

Provenance: From the library of James H. Annandale, of Lasswade, Scotland, with his bookplate.

Penguin Classics, web.
pp. xvi [1 errata] [1] 624. Original olive-green cloth, blind-stamped on covers and spine, gilt titles to spine.
Undated title page and illustrated title page, and with publisher as ‘Chapman & Hall’ and ’Chapman and Hall’ respectively (First Edition published by ‘Bradbury & Evens’)
Title verso states ‘Bradbury, Evans, and Co., Printers, Whitefriars’ (First edition - Bradbury and Evans, Printers, Whitefriars’ 
Errata page lists 6 errors (text is eight lines long).
Vignette on title page has Cuttie's hook on his left hand, and the plate opposite page 238.
p. 284, fifth and sixth lines from the bottom, ‘Delight’ instead of ‘Joy’.
p.14 10 lines from bottom 'aint' instead of ‘ain't’. 
p. 26 line 11 'fidgetty' instead of 'fidgety'.
p.40 line 16 & 17, ‘shewed’ and ‘shew’
p.324 last line, ‘Captain’ spelt correctly (first edition - was spelt ‘capatin’)
p.426, beginning of line 9 ‘if’ (first edition - ‘if’ was missing)
p.582 no full-stop at the end of the last sentence.
  Condition: Very good, cloth worn at rear spine fold, a few light marks on boards, spine faded, hinges and binding loose, plate opposite page 352 missing.   Ref: 107091   Price: HK$ 1,100