Sonnica la Courtisane - Vicente Blasco-Ibáñez, Maurice de Becque (illustrator) 1928 - Maurice de Becque, Paris The romantic account of Sonnica of Saguntum, and the eight month siege of her city by Hannibal which took place between 219 BC and 218 BC between the Carthaginians and the Saguntines. Text in French, illustrated with 60 colour etchings by Maurice Becque, and two monochrome portraits opening and closing the text. A limited edition of 270 of which this is number 176. Originally in wraps this copy has been placed in a smartly bound in half morocco and patterned endpapers.   During Hannibal's assault he suffered losses due to the extensive fortifications and the tenacity of the defending Saguntines, but his troops stormed and destroyed the city's defenses one at a time. The Saguntines turned to Rome for aid, but none was sent. In 218 BC after eight months of siege the Saguntines last defences were finally overrun. The defeat and use of Sagantum led to Hannibal’s eventual crossing of the Pyrenees.

Blasco-Ibanez [1867-1928] a prolific and, at times, powerful novelist and short-story writer; imprisoned often for his republican and socialistic activities. Blasco, ever vigorous and restless, was not content to stay actually or spiritually in his own corner. In Sonnica Ia cortesana (1901) he endeavors to re-create life in ancient Saguntum, after the manner of Flaubert's Salammbd. [Adams - The Heritage of Spain]
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