Scar-Strangled Banger - Ralph Steadman 1988 - Salem House Publishers, Massachusetts - First American Edition Scar Strangled Banger is one of two large books (the other one being America) giving Steadman's view of America in retrospect-sharply satirizing all aspects of 1970’s and 1980’s life in American society, peppered with his sharp, powerful and incredible full-page and double-spread, colour and black & white drawings.

Scar-Strangled Banger, Ralph Steadman turns his satirical attentions to America, the Land of the Free, where even God can be acquired with a credit card. In this land of seemingly limitless opportunities, of All-Nite Liquor stores, aerobic work-outs, silicone lifts and Saturday Night Specials, a country where lettuce is served with everything, he finds that the quality of life is dependent mainly on personal wealth and air conditioning.

This extraordinary collection of paintings and drawings, in colour and black and white, gleefully satirizes all aspects of life in modern America. Whether it be people, places or politics, nothing is safe from Ralph Steadman’s razor sharp pen and even sharper wit. Nixon is “a satirists dream”, Texas is where “ the oil wells are so deep they have lease land rights from the Australian government before they drill” and political conventions are “campaigns in the ass”. His portraits of the Nixon years, Vietnam and Watergate, the Reagan years, Pearlygate and the 1988 Presidential Election are powerful, disturbing and above all savagely funny. It will leave you asking has anything really changed.’
  ‘A book by the Welsh cartoonist/caricaturist and the Francis Williams Book Illustration Award, the American Society of Illustrators' Certificate of Merit, the W.H. Smith Illustration Award, the Dutch Silver Paintbrush Award, the Italian Critica in Erba Prize, the BBC Design Award, the Black Humour Award in France, and several Designers and Art Directors Association Awards, the 1979 American Institute of Graphic Arts' Illustrator of the Year Award winning author of The Book of Jones: A Tribute to a Mercurial, Manic, and Utterly Seductive Cat and the illustrator of the famous (and infamous) Hunter H. Thompson's The Curse of the Lono and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...... blush, blush, thank you thank you, I accept this award on behalf of etc. etc.... blah blah blah.’ - Ralph Steadman.

Quarto (book size 29.8x22cm), pp. 214.
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