All the Names - SIGNED - José Saramago 1997 - Harcourt, New York San Diego London - First American Edition Strictly speaking, we do not make decisions, decisions make us.

All the Names is, ironically, a novel peopled almost entirely by men and women without names, a brilliant meditation by Nobel Prize winning author Saramago, on the essential anonymity of the living and the dead.

Set in the Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths of an ambiguous, unnamed city, the protagonist Jose (the only character in the novel with a name) is a low-level clerk at the registry, who upon some nocturnal venture, chances upon the record card of an “unknown woman” and quickly becomes obsessed with finding her.
  As the story unfolds, the pace accelerates, and Jose’s strange and somewhat insignificant quest leads him to much wilder perils. It is an almost absurdist tale, one set around archival records, rather than murder and mayhem.

A fine translation by Margaret Jull Costa, this is a powerful parable about the human condition.

‘A psychological, even metaphysical thriller that will keep you turning the pages in spite of yourself, and with growing alarm and alacrity’. -
Seattle Times.

pp. [12] 238 [6]
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