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The Ingoldsby Legends, or Mirth & Marvels - Thomas Ingoldsby, Arthur Rackham (illustrator)

1930 - J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., London - Reprint (first published 1898)
The immensely popular 19th century collection of myths, legends, and ghost stories, purportedly written by Thomas Ingoldsby of Tappington Manor, but actually composed by English clergyman R.H. Barham.

Best remembered for their quaint narratives and their comic and grotesque treatment of medieval tales, this edition wonderfully illustrated by Arthur Rackham with 12 full page colour plates, along with numerous black and white full page and in-text illustrations.
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1910 - William Heinemann, London - Early Impression (6th)
Whoever has made a voyage up the Hudson must remember the Kaatskill Mountains...’

A beautiful rendition of ‘Rip Van Winkle’ in which the story is first told in words, and then retold again through the imaginative fantasy land of Arthur Rackham’s 51 colour plates.

The plates are on green card, 50 have descriptive tissue guard, and the extra plate, an extension of the illustration ‘
These fairy mountains’ is shown on the verso of sheet three at the rear. 
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SOLD - Biggles Delivers the Goods - Captain W.E. Johns

1946 - Hodder & Stoughton Limited, London - First Edition
The only Biggles story covering our hero’s exploits in Malaya in World War II. With colour frontispiece, illustrated title page, four tinted and five black and white illustrations by Leslie Stead, and a pale blue map showing the Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Siam used for front endpapers.

Late in the Second World War Biggles and his team are in Malaya, operating a secret commando under the nose of the Japanese occupiers. Algy is captured after his plane goes down over the Indian Ocean but Biggles will not abandon him. A night raid is called for...
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Biggles Second Case - Captain W.E. Johns

1948 - Hodder and Stoughton Limited, London - First Edition in 4th impression dust jacket
A nice bright copy, with colour frontispiece, illustrated title page and a further nine page black and white illustrations by Leslie Stead.

Biggles and the team help Raymond out in a search for Nazi gold in the southern ocean (around Kerguelen Island). The title refers to this being their second case in the Air Branch of the CID.

A German submariner is shot trying to get a message to British Headquarters in Germany. His dying words tell of a missing U-Boat returning to the Southern Ocean to pick up a stash of stolen Allied gold from its secret base. Biggles and the team de-camp to Kerguelen Island to try and locate it and retrieve the gold for HM government.

This they manage to do (of course), but not before the usual litany of narrow scrapes, missing teamsters, etc. At one point Biggles and Algy are saved from a firing squad by Ginger firing a whale harpoon!
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Biggles’ Chinese Puzzles and other Biggles’ adventures - Captain W.E. Johns

1955 - Brockhampton Press, Leicester - First Edition
Biggles Wins Through Again!

Hold your breath while Biggles & Co. expose a currency racket in Indo-China, rescue a geologist from torture in a sinister mental home, or snatch luminous blue clay from a sinking volcanic island in the Pacific.

Biggles at his swiftest and surest! Stirringly illustrated with six colour plates by Leslie Stead.
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Biggles Investigates and other stories of the Air Police - Captain W.E. Johns

1964 - Brockhampton Press, Leicester - First Edition
A collection of eight short stories take Biggles and team 'investigating' crashed Spanish planes and essence of rose petal, bodies dropping from aircraft, Bertie makes a trip to Paris, and Biggles chases a getaway plane all the way to Scotland.

With striking colour frontispiece by Leslie Stead.
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The Renowned History of the Seven Famous Champions of Christendom. Embellished with Cuts. - Richard Johnson

1770 - Printed for H. Turpin, London
Early little work, with twelve chapters, giving a brief history of each Champion, and their joint battles against the Pagans and Moors, ending with their triumphant return to England.

Illustrated with six woodcuts. In contemporary 18th century binding of ‘Dutch Gilt’ or ‘Brocade’ paper wrappers with floral pattern on embossed, gilt, overlaid with colour by hand or stencil.

The seven champions of Christendom were; St. George for England, St .Dennis for France, St. Andrew for Scotland, St. Anthony for Italy, St. James for Spain, St. Patrick for Ireland and St. David for Wales.
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A Birthday Book - SIGNED - Rockwell Kent

1931 - Random House, New York - First Edition - Number 1219 of 1850 copies
A lovely story written and illustrated by Rockwell Kent, telling of a battle between a good and bad fairy, and the gifts they give to a little girl, just christened. Signed and numbered by Rockwell Kent, and with the name ‘Joan’ to the dedication page.

Bound in lithographed silk design by Rockwell Kent, silk endpapers, and with twenty leaves of individual black and white wood block prints each surrounded by intricate borders.
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