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Alice's Adventures In Wonderland - with - Through The Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There - Lewis Carroll, John Tenniel (illustrator)

1973 - Macmillan, London
Beautifully bound by Bayntun-Rivière, and with John Tenniel’s forty-two illustrations, which perfectly capture Alice’s upside-down world and are considered to be his finest and most enduring achievement.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass were intended for children “fresh from God’s hand”, it is equally enthralling and delightfully magical for adults as they follow Alice on her vibrant adventures escorted by her famous companions. Who can possibly not have been carried away into the fantastically crazy world of the Mad Hatter? Or never have heard of Tweedledee and Tweedledum? Who cannot have been struck by Carroll’s love for sophisticated play with words?.” - Stephanie Chan. 
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1929 - D. Appleton & Company, New York - First Edition
‘He stood near the robbed till, drinking with some men-o’-war’s men, and cursing and damning and voicing a ferocious joy that Captain Death and his sea-rogues, at last, lay dead or taken every one.’

A fine copy. Censored upon publication for ‘radical content’, Chamber’s novel caused quite a stir due to its realistic portrayals of violent life on the high seas. Accompanied with all the trappings of danger, treasure, and romance, and featuring fictional debuts from some of the best known names in piracy, including Black-Beard, Captain Kidd, and Mary Read, the novel is profusely illustrated with seventeen full page colour illustrations by the great Norman Price.  
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An Aerial Runaway - The Balloon Adventures of Rod & Tod in North & South America - INSCRIBED - William P. & Charles P. Chipman

1901 - Lothrop Publishing Company, Boston - First Edition
‘Hurrah for Rod! Hurrah for Tod!’

As they battle jaguars with bows and arrows, and encounter lost civilisations on their ballooning adventure down to the lost city of the Incas. Illustrated by W. A. McCullough.

Inscribed by the authors William and Charles Chipman ‘
To Master Jesse W. Halliday’. 
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The Hunger Games – Catching Fire – Mockingjay - SIGNED - Suzanne Collins

2008 2009 2010 - Scholastic Press, New York - First Editions
‘A brilliantly imagined dystopian novel about the ultimate television reality game for teens’ – Daily Telegraph

‘I couldn’t stop reading’
– Stephen King

A super set of Suzanne Collins’ phenomenally best-selling trilogy, the first two volumes signed by Suzanne Collins,
Mocking Jay with the 2010 stamp of a Mockingjay and her signature (which was used instead of a personal signature due to a hand injury). Set in dystopian Panem, a place once known as North America, in a rich city called the Capitol, which is surrounded by twelve districts, the novels follow the adventures of 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who steps forward to take her sister’s place in the dark and brutal live television show, The Hunger Games. 
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The Pathfinder - or - The Inward Sea - James Fenimore Cooper

1903 - Macmillan and Co., London
The third in the series of Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales. Cooper takes his main character, here called the Pathfinder (Natty Bumppo) and examines his role as an explorer for British Colonial forces in the forests and islands around the Great Lakes. The story is a classic historical adventure romance and Bumppo falls in love, for the first and only time in the five novels, only to see his choice fall in love with another man - a younger man and good friend of Natty's. Probably the best of the five novels. [Whiting].

With illustrations by C.E. Brock.
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Stories of King Arthur and His Knights. Retold from Malory's ‘Morte Darthur’. - U. Waldo Cutler

1909 - George G. Harrap & Company, London
The best known romantic tales of the legendary King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, and the Knights of the Round Table, originally compiled and translated by Malory in the mid-fifteenth century.

Illustrated from drawings by D. G. Rossetti, Burne-Jones, G. F Watts, Frank Merrill, and T. E. Rosenthal.
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl

1964 - Alfred A. Knopf, New York - First Edition, first issue
Starring ‘Our Hero’ Charlie Bucket, with the infamous Willy Wonka.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was inspired by Roald Dahl’s time spent working at the age of 13 at Cadbury, the English chocolate maker. He was amazed by all the machinery and by the spies sent by both Cadburys and their biggest rival Rowntrees to steal each others secret recipes.

Illustrated by Joseph Schindelman. The first edition first issue with six lines of printing and binding information in the colophon, reduced to five in later issues, and published three years before the English edition.

Superb copy, suitably housed in a custom clamshell case of half burgundy morocco leather over matching cloth, lined with felt, titles in gilt.
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1961 - Alfred A. Knopf, New York - First Edition, first issue
James: Whenever I had a problem, my parents told me to look at it another way.
How? First, I was bird bait, and then I was shark bait.
That's true, but you could say that you gave us wings to fly, and that you defeated a giant shark single-handedly.
You're a hero.
I am. I'm Wonderworm!

A near fine copy of the true first edition, beautifully illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert, with full page colour plates. Housed in a custom made cloth slipcase.
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Price HK$ 22,000

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