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Burgundiae Inferioris - Abraham Ortelius

Circa 1584Amsterdam
A stunning early map of Burgundy by the great engraver ad cartographer Abraham Ortelius [map size 37.5 x 45 cm]. With place names in French, titles and scale in Latin. Sixteenth century hand coloured, heightened with gold, with elaborate strapwork title cartouche, coat of arms and mileage scale. Showing rivers, mountains, forests, fortifications, towns and cities.

The Burgundy wine regions included on this map include four of the five primary divisions: Chablis, Cote de Nuits, Cote de Beaune, and Cote Chalonnaise. Maconnais, the fifth, is just a little further to the south along the Saone River. It also includes the cities of Avalon, Auttun, Chalons, Beaulne, Verdun, and Chastillon, among many others.

The orientation is from
Septemtrio (the seven stars of Ursa Major) or North (top) to Meridies or South (bottom), Occidens or West (left) to Oriens or East (right).

Finely framed in gilt wood [frame size 57 x 65 cm].
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Life and Writings of Thomas Paine - Thomas Paine, Daniel Edwin Wheeler (editor)

1908 - Vincent Parke and Company, New York - Independence Edition of the Centenary Issue
These are the times that try men's souls

Elegantly bound set of the de luxe independence edition, number 166 of just 500 hand-numbered sets signed by the editor Daniel Edwin Wheeler, published to celebrate the centenary of Paine's death.

Included are Paine’s ‘
Common Sense’, ‘The American Crises’, ‘The Rights of Man’, and ‘The Age of Reason’, as well as essays, letters and speeches. Each volume with three photogravure or facsimile plates, as well as a frontispiece, title-pages printed in two colours, autographed limitation leaf to volume one.

‘On January 10, 1776, an obscure immigrant published a small pamphlet that ignited independence in America and shifted the political landscape of the patriot movement from reform within the British imperial system to independence from it. One hundred twenty thousand copies sold in the first three months in a nation of three million people, making
Common Sense the best-selling printed work by a single author in American history up to that time. Never before had a personally written work appealed to all classes of colonists. Never before had a pamphlet been written in an inspiring style so accessible to the “common” folk of America.’ - Jack Miller Center. 
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Her Majesty s Navy including Its Deeds and Battles - Lieut. Chas Rathbone Low FRGS

1890-93 - J. S. Virtue &, London - First Editions
A spectacular example of this splendid six large quarto volume set, illustrated with forty six full page colour plates, from pictures painted expressly for this work by W. Christian Symons and noted British naval and marine artist W. Fred Mitchell. In bright original navy blue cloth with gilt titles, red lettering, all edges gilt.

No Englishman could wish for a more inspiring theme than to record the deeds of the British Navy.’

Celebrating one thousand years of British naval history, beginning with King Alfred’s construction of a naval fleet, and their victory over the Danish fleet off the coast of Essex in the year 885, the final volume ending with the Navy’s support of the doomed ‘Nile Expedition’ to relieve Gordon at Khartoum in 1885. There is a supplementary chapter detailing the Navy’s assets in 1892, and a comparison with other foreign navies.
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Sandow on Physical Training - Eugen Sandow

1894 - Gale &, London - First Edition
A scarce and remarkably clean copy of the rare first edition in it’s original pictorial covers, by the ‘Father of Bodybuilding’. ‘Sandow The Magnificent’ also opened one of the first ‘health clubs’ in the world. He was friends with Conan-Doyle, Thomas Edison and King George V. Large [26x20cm] and richly illustrated from photographs, drawings and diagrams.

Sandow's resemblance to the physiques found on classical Greek and Roman sculpture was no accident, as he measured the statues in museums and helped to develop "The Grecian Ideal" as a formula for the "perfect physique." He is seen as one of the first athletes to intentionally develop his musculature to predetermined dimensions. In
Strength and How to Obtain It Sandow lays out specific prescriptions of weights and repetitions in order to achieve his ideal proportion.

Sandow was the promoter and judge at the first bodybuilding contest ever held, at the Royal Albert Hall in London on September 14, 1901, and his importance was such that the trophy for Mr. Olympia is a statuette of Sandow, one could even say that Sandow was the inspiration for a recent Governor of California.
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The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston. Being Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man, Memoirs of an Infantry Officer and Sherston's Progress - Siegfried Sassoon

1937 - Faber and Faber, London - First Collected Edition
A finely bound copy of Sassoon’s trilogy of autobiographical Great War memoirs. A trilogy that charted both the destruction of the world for which Sassoon fought, and his own emergence as one of Britain's finest war poets.

Sassoon became a symbolic figure of dissent within the armed forces, when he made a lone protest against the continuation of the war in his "Soldier's Declaration" of 1917. He was subsequently admitted to a military psychiatric hospital, where he made firm friends with Wilfred Owen. Sassoon later won great acclaim for his prose - notably his three-volume fictionalised autobiography, collectively known as the "Sherston trilogy", and published here for the first time in one book.
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A Practical Treatise on Brewing, Distilling, and Rectification - Robert Shannon

1805 - Robert Scholey, London - First and Only Edition
Rare first edition of this comprehensive and landmark work on wines, spirits, and beers, that ‘may be considered the first modern book in English treating the subject’ of distillation’ [Buxton & Hughes] and the second book in English to discuss ‘modern wines’. [Gabler]

A finely bound large thick quarto volume of over 900 pages split into four parts:
Book I: Brewing for Malt Liquors (beer); Book II: Brewing for Distilling (spirits e.g. Gin, whisky, rum, brandy); Book III: Made Wines, Vinegar, Cider, and Perry; Appendix: Wines, Brandies, and Vinegars (mostly descriptions of foreign wines from Spain, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, and South Africa).

Illustrated with eight engraved plates and six tables.

According to Buxton and Hughes, ‘Shannon is credited with taking a recognisably systematic approach to the subject aiming, as he says to ‘
shew the distiller how he may proceed on rational principles’. ’Curiously for such a comprehensive work there appears to only ever have been one edition’. 
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Life of Napoleon Bonaparte - William Milligan Sloane

1896 - The Century Co., New York - First Edition
Four magnificent and finely bound quarto volumes of this monumental history on Napoleon, ‘the product of many years of elaborate investigation, it was sumptuously illustrated and composed’. [DAB].

First edition, profusely illustrated with 80 colour plates, 200 black & white and tinted plates, and 17 maps.

Generally there is no mystery in the power of domination: he rules who is indispensable. The Jacobins needed a man, they found him in the unscrupulous Bonaparte; the Directory needed a man, they found him in the expert artillerist; France needed a man, she found him in the conqueror of Italy.’

‘Sloane, who believed "
there exists no record of human activity more complete" than Bonaparte's, also summed up Napoleon's failure in one word -- exhaustion. It was not until his opponents learned the lessons "which he taught his generals by a series of object demonstrations lasting 20 years, that the teacher began to diminish in success and splendor. Judged either historically or theoretically, the strategy of Napoleon is "original, unique and unexcelled." Sloane noted that this was Napoleon's greatest achievement, because it was "his most creative."’ [Vance] 
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Notes of a Botanist on the Amazon & Andes - Richard Spruce, Alfred Russel Wallace

1908 - Macmillan and Co., London - First Edition
A superior first edition set of one of the great 19th century travel and botanical works on the Amazon, compiled and with a biography by his friend the great Alfred Russel Wallace, 15 years after Spruce’s death. In publisher’s original cloth, seven maps (four of which are folding), over 70 engraved illustrations, and the wonderful frontispiece portrait of Spruce.

Having previously embarked on a collecting expedition to the Pyrenees, backed by Sir William Hooker and George Bentham, the botanist Richard Spruce (1817–93) travelled in 1849 to South America, where he carried out unprecedented exploration among the diverse flora across the northern part of the continent. After his death, Spruce's writings on fifteen fruitful years of discovery were edited as a labour of love by fellow naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823–1913), whom Spruce had met in Santarém. The work includes many of the author's exquisite illustrations. Showing the determination to reach plants in almost inaccessible areas, Spruce collected hundreds of species, many with medicinal properties, notably the quinine-yielding cinchona tree, as well as the datura and coca plants.
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