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The Last Cruise of the “Teal” - Leigh Ray (Pseudonym for H. Lewis Jones)

1893 - Digby, London - First Edition
The pleasant cruise of two young men, who set sail from Leigh on sea up the coast of England to Harwich, and then across the North Sea, ends in disaster intrigue and mystery in Eastern Europe...

A popular book of its day, even E. Nesbit used it in one of her own stories. The author and doctor H. Lewis Jones penned this work of fiction under a pseudonym, it was preceded by his book ‘
Swin, Swale and Swatchway’ published in 1892. 
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Annals of Cricket - W. W. Read

1896 - Sampson Low, London - First Edition - One of 250 copies
A classic account of the early history of the game and autobiography of the Surrey batsman (who scored 338 against Oxford University in 1888) and who played in 18 Tests for England.

Illustrated with portrait frontispiece and 25 black and white plates.
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The Sky Bandits - George G. Rochester

1938 - The Ace Publishing Co., London - First Edition
As he thundered down on Sarat’s tail his gun snarled a staccato accompaniment to the roar of his powerful engine!

Irresistible with chapter headings like ‘
A Perilous Business’; ‘The Secret of the U-Boat’, and ‘A Big Job!’.

Rare in the dust jacket, particularly so in this condition, bright and sharp, without large chips or holes from former combat missions.

With four full page black and white illustrations.
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Voyage Historique et Pittoresque de Paris a Rouen - B. Saint-Edme [Edme-Théodore Bourg]

1839 - Édouard Frère, Rouen - Deuxieme Édition
A lovely example of this little work, text in French, in publisher’s original blue wrappers, rare.

Detailing the historic sights along the River Seine and illustrated with six full page plates, and a fold out map (37.5 x 14 cm) of the River Seine from Paris to Rouen. Some of the pages still uncut.

Edme Theodore Bourg, known under the pseudonym of St. Edme (1785-1852), was a Parisian polymath. After having been secretary of Marshal Berthier then commissioner of war under the First Empire, Bourg became a man of letters in civilian life. He was a member of the ‘Société des Gens de Lettres’. Alone or in collaboration with other authors, he published under the pseudonym "St. Edme" (also used by other writers, such as Jean-Joseph Regnault-Warin) of numerous books such as biographies, compilations and political pamphlets.
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An Ocean Cruise and Deep Water Regatta of the Pacific Yacht Club, July, 1884 - J. Sanderson, Gideon Denny (illustrator)

1884 - H.S. Crocker & Co., San Francisco - First Edition
Rare and superb large folio of this very detailed celebratory account of the first successful yacht race from San Francisco Bay to Santa Cruz and a subsequent regatta across Monterey Bay from Santa Cruz to Monterey and back, it also includes a history of the club, lists of the members and a description of the fleet.

The glory of the work lies in the eight magnificent coloured lithographic plates by Gideon Denny (1830-1866), a renowned marine artist based in San Francisco. Denny's fine plates include five views of sailboats at sea during the races, one of the fleet anchored off Santa Cruz, one of the clubhouse and grounds of the Pacific Yacht Club at Sausalito, and one group portrait of the officers of the club.

Inscribed by hand to L.R. Jerome Esq. from Cornelius O’Connor the Treasurer of the Royal Pacific Yacht Club in 1884 (see plate opposite page 50). Lawrence R Jerome, an Honorary Member of the club, was a successful financier together with his brother Leonard (whose daughter become Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston’s mother), and they were instrumental in forming the New York Jockey Club. Leonard took a leading part in yachting, he gave a speech on behalf of America at Cowes, attended by the Queen. ‘
One of the natural leaders of a group of famous club men and wits whose reputation has never been equalled in New York’. 
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Sandow on Physical Training - Eugen Sandow

1894 - Gale & Polden, London - First Edition
A scarce and remarkably clean copy of the rare first edition in it’s original pictorial covers, by the ‘Father of Bodybuilding’. ‘Sandow The Magnificent’ also opened one of the first ‘health clubs’ in the world. He was friends with Conan-Doyle, Thomas Edison and King George V. Large [26x20cm] and richly illustrated from photographs, drawings and diagrams.

Sandow's resemblance to the physiques found on classical Greek and Roman sculpture was no accident, as he measured the statues in museums and helped to develop "The Grecian Ideal" as a formula for the "perfect physique." He is seen as one of the first athletes to intentionally develop his musculature to predetermined dimensions. In
Strength and How to Obtain It Sandow lays out specific prescriptions of weights and repetitions in order to achieve his ideal proportion.

Sandow was the promoter and judge at the first bodybuilding contest ever held, at the Royal Albert Hall in London on September 14, 1901, and his importance was such that the trophy for Mr. Olympia is a statuette of Sandow, one could even say that Sandow was the inspiration for a recent Governor of California.
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Racing to Win. “The Book of the Gurnays” - Fred Shaw, S. W. E. Bishop

1952 - Teddington All-British Racing Publishing Co., Middlesex - Second Edition
A nice clean copy of a scarce title on the world's greatest strain of racing pigeons, first published in 1949 and then expanded with added introductions shortly after Shaw’s death. Illustrated throughout with 31 full page black and white photographs.

‘His genius as a pigeon racer is equalled only by his genius as a writer, as this book will testify and as his contributions to the world’s leading pigeon journal,
Pigeon Racing News and Gazette, have confirmed on numerous occasions. Here, between the covers of this literary masterpiece, reside both the story and the wisdom of one of the greatest pigeon fanciers the world has known, the incomparable Fred Shaw, of Lancashire.’ - S. W. E. Bishop. 
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The Art of Golf - Sir W. G. Simpson

1887 - David Douglas, Edinburgh - First Edition
‘One of the great classic books on golf literature, it includes the first use of photographs to demonstrate the swing.’- Joseph Murdoch, The Library of Golf.

Dedicated to the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. Fully illustrated with photographic plates of old Tom Morris Jim Morris and Ben Sayers, and with figure drawings. Scarce copy with the original spine, and without being rebacked.

‘One of the classics of golf literature... a book of great charm and wit, one of the few of the very early books that can be read today with as much pleasure as the latest best seller.’ Cecil Hopkinson said, ‘It contained many diagrams and illustrations from instantaneous photographs, which was the first occasion on which the camera was called in to demonstrate correct methods of play.’ Bernard Darwin said of this book ‘one of the earliest and still the best book on golf.’
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