An Outcast of the Islands - Joseph Conrad

1896 - T. Fisher Unwin, London - First Edition, first issue
A fine first edition, first issue of Conrad's second novel. Rare in such fine condition, bright gilt to spine, without foxing to page edges, water marks to cloth or restoration.

“A tale of intrigue set on the Island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Peter Willems, a clerk in Macassar, granted a "second chance" at a remote river trading post, falls ever more hopelessly into traps set by himself and others. A parable of human frailty, with love and death the major players, this is a story of a man unable to understand others and fated never to possess his own soul.

I know the white many lands have I seen them, always the slaves of their desires ...” 
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Price HK$ 14,800

The Works of Joseph Conrad in 20 Volumes - Joseph Conrad

1925 - John Grant, Edinburgh
A finely bound twenty volume set of Conrad’s works. Illustrated with a frontispiece photogravure to each volume, and facsimile signatures of the author printed to first and final leaves. Each work preceded by the ‘Author’s Notes’.

Comprising: Lord Jim, Youth (which includes Heart of Darkness), The Secret Agent, Typhoon, Almayer’s Folly, The Arrow of Gold, The Nigger of the “Narcissus”, Victory, Nostromo, The Rover, Under Western Eyes, ‘Twixt Land and Sea, A Set of Six, A Personal Record, The Rescue, Within the Tides, Tales of Unrest, An Outcast of The Islands, The Shadow Line, The Mirror of The Sea, The Inheritors, Chance, Notes on Life and Letters, and Romance.
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Independence - Rectorial Address delivered at St. Andrews, October 10, 1923 - Rudyard Kipling

1923 - Macmillan and Co., London - First Edition
Kipling was elected Rector of St. Andrews University in Scotland, an gave this speech at his inauguration.

A fine copy in grayish blue paper wraps as issued.
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Price HK$ 600

Stalky and Co. - Rudyard Kipling

1899 - Macmillan and Co., London - First English Edition
“Stalky,’ in their school vocabulary, meant clever, well considered and wily, as applied to plans of action: and ‘stalkiness’ was the one virtue Corkran toiled after.’

Schoolboy japes and mischief abound in this finely bound volume about a trio in an English boarding school, based on Kipling’s own experiences as a young man. An amusing and entertaining novel from one of Britain’s most famous authors.
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Departmental Ditties. Barrack-Room Ballads And Other Verses - Rudyard Kipling

1890 - United States Book Company, New York - First Edition of Barrack-Room Ballads, First American Edition of Departmental Ditties. First Issue.
A sharp bright example of this large collection of Kipling’s classic verse, 66 in total, a compilation that includes the first printings of thirteen ballads and four ‘Other Verses’ printed two years later under the separate title of ‘Ballads and Barrack-Room Ballads’.

Most proving that we never learn, and many reliving the experiences of soldiers and civil servants sent around the world to defend the Empire, all for little pay and less appreciation.

When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains, And the women come out to cut up what remains, Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains, An’ got to your Gawd like a soldier........’ – The Young British Soldier.

Departmental Ditties:-
Prelude; General Summary; Army Headquarters; Study of an Elevation in Indian Ink; A Legend of the Foreign Office; Story of Uriah; Lucifer; Post that Fitted; Public Waste; Delilah; What Happened; Pink Dominoes; The Man who could Write; Municipal; Code of Morals; The Last Department.

Barrack-Room Ballads:-
Danny Deever; Tommy; Fuzzy-Wuzzy; Oonts!; Loot; Soldier, Soldier; Sons of the Widow; Troopin'; Gunga Din; Mandalay; The Young British Soldier; Screw-Guns; Belts.

Other Verses:- To the Unknown Goddess; Rupaiyat of Omar Kal'vin; La Nuit Blanche; My Rival; Lovers' Litany; Ballad of Burial; Divided Destinies; Masque of Plenty; Mare's Nest; Possibilities; Christmas in India; Pagett, M.P.; The Song of the Women; A Ballade of Jakko Hill; The Plea of the Simla Dancers; Ballad of Fisher's Boarding House; “As the Bell Clinks”; An Old Song; Certain Maxims of Hafiz; Grave of the Hundred Head; Moon of Other Days; Overland Mail; What the People said; Undertaker's Horse; Fall of Jock Gillespie; Arithmetic on the Frontier; One Viceroy Resigns; The Betrothed; A Tale of Two Cities; Giffen's Debt; In Springtime; Two Months; The Galley Slave; L’Envoi; Conundrum of the Workshops; Explanation; Gift of the Sea; Evarra and his Gods.

Provenance: Francis Dana with his family armourial bookplate, and signature dated September 1893.
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The Works of Rudyard Kipling - Signed - Rudyard Kipling

1914-1926 - Doubleday, Garden City - Seven Seas Edition. Number 487 of 1050 limited copies. (The counterpart to the London Bombay Edition)
A handsomely bound complete set of Kipling’s works in twenty-seven volumes, the de luxe issue limited to 1,050 sets, the first volume, Plain Tales from the Hills, is signed by Kipling.

Printed at the Country Life Press, Gardem City, Long Island from Florentine Press type on special hand-made paper with watermark bearing “R [Ganesha device with lotus and swastika] K” on each second leaf.

Including such titles as
Soldiers Three, Kim, The Jungle Book, Captains Courageous, Stalky & Co., Just So Stories, The Five Nations, Plain Tales from the Hills and the Seven Seas 
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Rewards and Fairies - containing If - Rudyard Kipling, Frank Craig (illustrator)

1910 - Macmillan and Co., London - First Edition
‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too.....
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, and – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!’

A bright and superior first edition, the first appearance of Kipling’s beloved poem, ‘
If ’, together with a charming collection of (occasionally fantastical and supernatural) stories and verse. Many are set in the surroundings of Kipling’s Sussex home, and perfectly capture the myth and mystery of the English countryside. Includes the tales ‘The Marklake Witches’ and ‘Simple Simon’.

With four full page black and white illustrations by Frank Craig.
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Price HK$ 7,000