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Poems - Rupert Brooke

1911 - Sidgwick & Jackson, London - First Edition
A near fine first edition of Rupert Brooke’s first book of poetry. One of 500 copies, containing fifty poems, a result of which ‘Rupert Brooke established his initial public reputation as a poet. ‘He finalised this in a burst of energy at the end of 1911, at the same time as he was writing his fellowship dissertation for King's College, Cambridge.

Poems, 1911, was thought by critics at the time to reveal two of Brooke's strongest character traits: his breadth of interest, and his daring lack of taste. In his review in The Morning Post, Brooke's friend the poet Edward Thomas wrote:

"He is full of revolt, self-contempt, and yet arrogance too. he reveals chiefly what he desires to be and to be thought. Now and then he gives himself away, as when , in three poems close together, he speaks of the scent of warm clover. Copies should be bought by everyone over forty who has never been under forty. It will be a revelation. Also if they live yet a little longer they may see Mr Rupert Brooke a poet. He will not be a little one.” -
The Rupert Brooke Society. 
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Selections from the Popular Poetry of The Hindoos - Thomas Duer Broughton [Editor Translator]

1814 - Printed by Whittingham and Rowland for John Martin, London - First Edition
A pretty and scarce first edition of the the first published anthology of Hindi Poets. Internally fine and unopened. 
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Bells and Pomegranates. No. I-VIII - Robert Browning

1841-1846 - Edward Moxon, London - First Edition in Book Form
God’s in His heaven — All’s right with the world!

A scarce first edition of this important collection, which include many of Browning’s best poems, including ”
My Last Duchess“ and ”The Bishop Orders His Tomb,“ appear here for the first time. Number III ‘Dramatic Lyrics’ and number VII ‘Dramatic Romances & Lyrics’ mark the first full development of the dramatic monologue in English literature.

Bells and Pomegranates No. I.– Pippa Passes. (1841)
Bells and Pomegranates No. II.– King Victor and King Charles. (1842)
Bells and Pomegranates No. III.– Dramatic Lyrics. (1842)
Bells and Pomegranates No. IV: The Return of the Druses. A Tragedy in Five Acts (1843)
Bells and Pomegranates No. V.– A Blot in the 'Scutcheon. A Tragedy in Three Acts (1843 - Second Edition, as usual, see Maggs Catalogue 367,
First Editions of the Works of Esteemed Authors of the XIXth and XXth Centuries, 164)
Bells and Pomegranates No. VI.– Colombe's Birthday. A Play in Five Acts (1844)
Bells and Pomegranates No. VII.– Dramatic Romances & Lyrics (1845)
Bells and Pomegranates No. VIII. and last. Luria; and A Soul's Tragedy (1846)
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Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect - Facsimile (From Photogravure Blocks) of the Kilmarnock edition 1786 - Robert Burns

1909 - D Brown & Co. [Printer], Kilmarnock - Facsimile of the 1786 edition
A fine, unopened copy. This is the 1909 facsimile of the rare and celebrated "Kilmarnock Burns" of 1786, printed from photogravure blocks under the supervision of D. McNaught, Esq. J.P., editor of The Burns Chronicle, the proofs being revised from an uncut copy in his possession.

In 1786 at the age of 27, although he had never published anything before, Burns (1759-96) decided to publish a volume of his poems. 612 copies were printed for him by John Wilson of Kilmarnock. They sold out within a month. There are estimated to be less than 70 complete ‘Kilmarnock’ copies in existence today. For this reason D. McNaught used his own uncut copy to produce this facsimile in 1909.

Burns, encouraged by this success, and by a letter from an Edinburgh minister, Dr. Blacklock, moved to Edinburgh instead of emigrating to Jamaica. He became a celebrity and in 1787 a new edition of 1500 copies, to be sold by subscription, was agreed upon with an additional 17 poems and five new songs. There was far greater demand than estimated, so the book was reset, and approximately 3,250 copies printed.
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The Poems & Songs of Robert Burns, with a Life of the Author - Robert Burns, Rev. Hamilton Paul

1819 - Wilson, Air - First Edition
The first edition of this rare Burns compilation, for which Rev. Paul contributed his Life of Robert Burns. In 1801 Paul hosted a small dinner to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the death of his friend, with Haggis, recitations, songs, and a toast in verse...

This and the original Kilmarnock Edition, are the only copies of Burns that had been printed in Ayrshire up to this date.

Finely bound by James Maclehose of Glasgow. Illustrated with frontispiece and engraved title page engraved Portrait of Burns, and vignette of the Barns Monument on the
Banks o' Doon both engraved by Wedgewood, bound in is a hand written note from 1867 explaining that the tipped in newspaper cutting detailing Burns’ burial was removed from the 1787 third edition of Burns’ poems by one of the Volunteers who fired the three volleys at the funeral. In addition a hand written verse from Holy Willie’s Prayer has been inserted after page 186. 
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Hudibras. With Dr. Grey’s Annotations - Samuel Butler

1819 - Charles & Henry Baldwyn, London - New Edition, Corrected and Enlarged
Three volumes finely bound in early 20th century full tan calf. In addition to Butler’s ‘satirical polemic upon Roundheads, Puritans, Presbyterians and many of the other factions involved in the English Civil War’, this edition includes ‘The Author’s Life’ and an extensive introductory preface, combined with Zachary Grey’s details annotations throughout.

Illustrated with numerous woodcut vignettes and eight plates.
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Phantasmagoria, and other poems - Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson]

1869 - Macmillan and Co., London - First Edition, second issue
Allow me to remark
That ghosts has just as good a right,
In every way to fear the light,
As men to fear the dark.

An attractive example of Carroll’s first poetry collection. The title poem,
Phantasmagoria, is a narrative discussion written in seven cantos between a ghost and a man named Tibbets. Carroll portrays the ghost as not so different from human beings: although ghosts may jibber and jangle their chains, they, like us, simply have a job to do and that job is to haunt. Just as in our society, in ghost society there is a hierarchy, and ghosts are answerable to the King (who must be addressed as "Your Royal Whiteness") if they disregard the "Maxims of Behaviour". Ghosts, our Phantom tells the narrator, fear the same things that we often fear, only sometimes in the reverse. 
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1885 - Macmillan and Co., London - First Edition
‘Well, they call me so because I am a little mad, I suppose’ she said, good humouredly...’ you see, I never do what sane people are expected to do now-a-days.’

A fascinating and unique title from Lewis Carroll, with six illustrations by Arthur B. Frost. The work comprises ten short stories revolving around some form of mathematical problem. A playful and fascinating blend of the practical and the fantastic, Dodgson named the puzzles “knots” - ‘a reference to Alice’s remark to the Mouse in Alices Adventures in Wonderland “A knot! Oh, do let me help undo it!” ‘  
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