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The Sheltering Sky - Paul Bowles

1949 - John Lehmann, London - First Edition
An exceptional copy – in a near fine example of the dust jacket and with the scarce ‘Evening Standard Book of the Month’ wrap around band.

Bowles’ most celebrated work, the unravelling of a young, sophisticated and adventurous American couple as they make their way into the Sahara.

‘I suspect that a good many people will read this book and be enthralled by it without once suspecting that it contains a mirror of what is most terrifying and cryptic within the Sahara of moral nihilism, into which the race of man now seems to be wandering blindly’ – Tennessee Williams,
The New York Times

‘One of the most original, even visionary, works of fiction to appear in this century’
– Tobias Wolff

‘His art far exceeds that of the greatest American writers of our day’
– Gore Vidal 
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A Good Man in Africa - William Boyd

1981 - Hamish Hamilton, London - First Edition
‘This is a wildly funny novel, rich in witty prose and raucous incidents . . . without qualification, a delight’ – The Washington Post

A bright and near fine first edition of Boyd’s debut novel, the satirical story of British Diplomat Morgan Leafy, an unfortunate prisoner of the flesh, whose indulgence in women, fondness for drink, as well as his loathing for the small African republic of Kinjanja where he is stationed, prove to be imposing obstacles on his road to success. But his life becomes problematic when his plans to rig the country’s elections go awry, and he finds himself being blackmailed by a local politician...

Winner of the Whitbread First Novel Award and the Somerset Maugham Award for 1981.
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The Hawkline Monster, A Gothic Western - with - Willard and His Bowling Trophies, A Perverse Mystery - Richard Brautigan

1974 1975 - Simon and Schuster, New York - First Editions
Two of Brautigan’s Gothic thrillers, containing, as always, an amazing tapestry of characters, bursts of poetic brilliance, and the sadness that at the age of 49 Brautigan silenced by self-inflicted gunshot-wound.

All of us have a place in history. Mine is in clouds

‘There is a real plot and a thread of continuity that runs through chunky, one-page chapters containing passages that run the gamut of style from Edgar Allan Poe to Zane Grey, from Ian Fleming to George V. This is certainly Brautigan’s most simultaneously unified and eclectic work.’ -
Playboy on The Hawkline Monster. 
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So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away - Richard Brautigan

1982 - Delacorte Press / Seymour Lawrence, New York - First Edition
Loosely based on Brautigan’s childhood of poverty and abuse. This beautiful work was Brautigan’s last book before 1984 when, at the age of 49, he died of a self-inflicted gunshot-wound.

‘All of us have a place in history. Mine is in clouds’
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The Life & Works of Charlotte Brontë & her Sisters. - Anne, Charlotte & Emily Brontë, Mrs. Gaskell

1910 - Smith, London - The Hawthorn Edition
In seven finely bound volumes by Bayntun-Rivière. Together with the works of the Brontë sisters are introductions by Mrs. Humphrey Ward and Clement K. Shorter, as well as copious additional notes, introductions and prefaces by others. With portraits and illustrations.

Charlotte Brontë -
Jane Eyre, Emma, Shirley, Stories from Angria, The Professor, Villette, Poems, Memoir of Emily Jane Brontë, and Memoir of Anne Brontë.
Emily Brontë -
Wuthering Heights, and Poems.
Anne Brontë -
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Agnes Grey, and Poems.
Mrs. Gaskell -
The Life and Works of Charlotte Brontë and her Sisters.  
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Poems - Rupert Brooke

1911 - Sidgwick & Jackson, London - First Edition
A near fine first edition of Rupert Brooke’s first book of poetry. One of 500 copies, containing fifty poems, a result of which ‘Rupert Brooke established his initial public reputation as a poet. ‘He finalised this in a burst of energy at the end of 1911, at the same time as he was writing his fellowship dissertation for King's College, Cambridge.

Poems, 1911, was thought by critics at the time to reveal two of Brooke's strongest character traits: his breadth of interest, and his daring lack of taste. In his review in The Morning Post, Brooke's friend the poet Edward Thomas wrote:

"He is full of revolt, self-contempt, and yet arrogance too. he reveals chiefly what he desires to be and to be thought. Now and then he gives himself away, as when , in three poems close together, he speaks of the scent of warm clover. Copies should be bought by everyone over forty who has never been under forty. It will be a revelation. Also if they live yet a little longer they may see Mr Rupert Brooke a poet. He will not be a little one.” -
The Rupert Brooke Society. 
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Selections from the Popular Poetry of The Hindoos - Thomas Duer Broughton [Editor Translator]

1814 - Printed by Whittingham and Rowland for John Martin, London - First Edition
A pretty and scarce first edition of the the first published anthology of Hindi Poets. Internally fine and unopened. 
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Bells and Pomegranates. No. I-VIII - Robert Browning

1841-1846 - Edward Moxon, London - First Edition in Book Form
God’s in His heaven — All’s right with the world!

A scarce first edition of this important collection, which include many of Browning’s best poems, including ”
My Last Duchess“ and ”The Bishop Orders His Tomb,“ appear here for the first time. Number III ‘Dramatic Lyrics’ and number VII ‘Dramatic Romances & Lyrics’ mark the first full development of the dramatic monologue in English literature.

Bells and Pomegranates No. I.– Pippa Passes. (1841)
Bells and Pomegranates No. II.– King Victor and King Charles. (1842)
Bells and Pomegranates No. III.– Dramatic Lyrics. (1842)
Bells and Pomegranates No. IV: The Return of the Druses. A Tragedy in Five Acts (1843)
Bells and Pomegranates No. V.– A Blot in the 'Scutcheon. A Tragedy in Three Acts (1843 - Second Edition, as usual, see Maggs Catalogue 367,
First Editions of the Works of Esteemed Authors of the XIXth and XXth Centuries, 164)
Bells and Pomegranates No. VI.– Colombe's Birthday. A Play in Five Acts (1844)
Bells and Pomegranates No. VII.– Dramatic Romances & Lyrics (1845)
Bells and Pomegranates No. VIII. and last. Luria; and A Soul's Tragedy (1846)
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Price HK$ 17,000

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