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The Shanghai Dollar Directory 1940 (July Edition) -

1940 - J.H. Howard, Shanghai - Only Edition
A very nice example of this rare Shanghai directory.

Over 800 pages, with the main tabulated sections comprising:-
Alphabetical List of Firms (with alphabetical tabs), giving business address, type of business, members of staff etc. Also with all the clubs listed together under ‘Clubs’ and Schools and Colleges listed under ‘Colleges’.
Agents Directory - Alphabetical list of brands and the Shanghai agents who represent them.
Street Directory - Alphabetic al list of streets, showing the District, the name in Chinese and the occupants.
Residential Directory - Alphabetical list of persons followed by their private address.
Who’s Who - Alphabetical list of persons followed by the firms name.
Preceded by Weights and Measures; Jewish Calendar; Postal Rates; and dates of the Shanghai Race Club Meetings.

Numerous advertisements throughout the ‘List of Firms’ as well as to the covers and endpapers.
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British Sports and Sportsmen, Past and Present -

Circa 1913 - British Sports and Sportsmen, London - First Edition. Royal Edition, limited to 250 copies, of which this set is number 105.
Two large finely bound folios containing the biographies of 303 of leading British sportsmen from the eighteenth and (primarily) nineteenth centuries, practitioners of the hunt, polo, steeplechase, cricket, rugby, boxing, and other gentlemanly pursuits accompanied by approximately 300 full page photogravure portrait plates. With a fascinating introduction by Horace G. Hutchinson. Volume I covers Hugo Meynell 1735-1808 to The Hon. Egremont Lascelles 1825-1892; Volume II covers George Parr 1826-1891 to Henry Arthur, Viscount Chelsea 1868-1908.

Compiled and Edited by ‘
The Sportsman’. Two large folio volumes [39x29cm] . Profusely illustrated.  
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Mappin & Webb Trade Catalogue -

1931 - Mappin &, London - First Edition
A fine copy of this magnificent, opulent Mappin & Web catalogue, together with the original loose catalogues for Mappin & Webb’s Exclusive Designs in Inexpensive Jewellery and Garrard English Clocks.

A fabulous treasure trove of art-deco design and 1930’s luxury, with 200 illustrated pages, several full colour plates, from cocktail shakers and cigar cutters to art-deco clocks, and jewellery.

Mappin & Webb, whose first London showroom opened in 1849, had by the 1900’s grown into a worldwide group selling simple but elegant jewellery, classic table silverware and high end watch brands. Their relationship with the monarchy began in the late 19th Century and was formalised when HM Queen Victoria granted a royal warrant to Mappin & Webb their first as silversmiths, in 1897, the year of The Queen’s diamond jubilee. Mappin & Webb has held a royal warrant as silversmiths to each of the five subsequent sovereigns and today holds a Royal Warrant as Silversmiths to HM The Queen and to HRH The Prince of Wales. In 2012, a craftsman at Mappin & Webb, Martin Swift was also appointed The Crown Jeweller [from
The History of Mappin & Webb] 
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Rowing with The New Rowing magazine -

1950 to 1955 - Rowing Publications / C. E. Fisher, Kingston-Upon-Thames / London - First Editions
A run of 60 of this most influential rowing magazine, consisting of:-
Rowing’ Magazine No. 2 (January 1950) to No. 45 (Autumn 1952). 44 magazines
The New Rowing’ Magazine No. 1. (March 1953) to No. 7, plus Nos. 9, 12-13, 16-18, 21-23 (January 1955). 16 magazines.

Illustrated throughout with black and white photographs and sketches, wonderful anecdotes, regatta reports, international as well as national rowing, articles on coaching, styles, the history of rowing, famous rowers and teams, keeping fit, the education of a coxswain, articulate letters from readers, period rowing related advertisements, etc. etc.
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Polo & Coaching -

Circa 1923 - British Sports and Sportsmen, London - First Edition. Royal Edition, limited to 250 copies, of which this is number 221.
A massive scarce and sumptuously bound work, one of only 250 copies of the ‘Royal Edition’, and enhanced by over 450 illustrations from photographs, paintings and sketches. The original subscriber for this copy was Edward Coleby Ransome O.B.E. (1864-1939) whose name has been blocked in gilt to the front board. Ransome, Cambridge educated, a crack shot, representing England in rifle shooting, was Mayor of Ipswich, Suffolk.

With contributions from Major-General Vaughan, T. Levins Moore, Gordon Withers, Major Hesseltine, Major-General Pitman, Keith Marsham, Lieut.-General Sir Michael Rimington, Lieut.-Colonel Nickalls, Osgold Cross, F.P.P. Rouse, “
Bronco” and “Rissala”.

The majority of this work covers Polo, describing the origins of the game its history in India, Ireland, and England, tactics and rules, as well as short biographical notes on players. The last part gives a history of coaching, which, with the introduction of railways, had become more of a sporting recreation usually involving marathon distances with a carriage (coach) and team of horses.
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British Yachts and Yachtsmen. A Complete History of British Yachting from the Middle of the Sixteenth Century of the Present Day -

1907 - The Yachtsman Publishing Company, London - First Edition
This is a seriously massive and luxurious tome, a comprehensive reference, illustrated with 58 plates and 500 valuable photographs. In the publisher’s original navy blue leather and gilt binding, usually found in pieces or rebound in two volumes due to the size.

Containing a lengthy history of yachting in the British Isles, from Elizabethan times, with coverage of the America’s cup, yachting in Canada and Australia, biographical sketches of many prominent yachtsmen, brief histories of yacht clubs, and an account of the founding and influence of the Yacht Racing Association. Indexes of personal, yacht, and club names are provided.’ [Toy].
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A Guide to Peking -

January 1933 - The Peiping Chronicle, Peking - First Edition
A fine example of this illustrated guide, with a large folding map showing the ‘Tartar City’ and ‘Chinese City’, ‘Peiping and Vicnity’ and the ‘Legation Quarter’. Numerous advertisements and photographs throughout.

Contents: Historical Introduction by Dr. Y. C. Chang - Points of Interest - Peiping as an Art Center - The Chinese Theatre by George Kin Leong - Peiping’s Chinese Theatres - Other Theatres - Shops - Chinese Foods by Philip Ashton - Industries - Mode of Transportation - Peiping Churches - Peiping as Educational Center - The Hutungs of Peiping by L. C. Arlington - Newspapers and News Agencies - Cultural Institutions - Clubs and Associations - Chinese Festivals by Dr. Y. C. Chang - Festival Calendar.
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Port Arthur. A Descriptive and Historical Sketch. -

1915 - Japan Tourism Board, Dairen Branch - First Edition
With a colour folding map of Port Arthur to the rear (46x49cm).

A rare booklet, forty two pages, illustrated throughout, with a strong war-related tourism focus on the historic Russo-Japanese conflicts of 1894 and 1904, and the heroic efforts of the Japanese Army in this far northern Chinese port located near to Dalian, Liaoning Province.

Published by the Japan Tourist Bureau, the predecessor of the Japan Travel Bureau (JTB).
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