Modern Lawn Tennis - Illustrated by Explanatory Diagrams and Action Photographs taken expressly for this Work. - Pembroke Arnold Vaile

1904 - William Heinemann, London - First Edition
A near fine copy of a comprehensive work by Pembroke Arnold Vaile, an attorney who wrote what for years were considered the authoritative texts on golf and tennis. Brilliantly illustrated with 29 full page photographic plates taken by George W. Beldam, a renowned sports photographer .

This copy is cleaner than a set of whites at Wimbledon in 1904, although as one can see from the image of Mr. Vaile ‘
playing a smash’, the fashion for black knee-length socks and black belt is, for better or worse, no longer fashionable. 
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How to Play Better Tennis - Ellsworth Vines

Circa 1950 - Bell Publishing Company, Duxel Hill - Early reprint in scarce jacket
When he was at the height of his powers in the 1930s, serving prodigiously and striking the ball with awesome power off the ground, Vines was nearly invincible on his best days.

An overwhelming force on grass courts, he won two U.S. Championships in singles and once ruled at Wimbledon in the early 1930s. Turning professional at 22, he went on to topple Bill Tilden, 47 matches to 26, in a 1934 head-to-head tour, and then eclipsed Don Budge, 49 matches to 35, following up in 1938 by beating Fred Perry 49 times to 35 in another tour.
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